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Halloween’s Creepiest Places to Go on Vacation -The Mystery of Oak Island

Published by Mckinley Catterton

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What is at the Bottom of the Pit?

The Oak Island Mystery is steeped in tragedy as well as being one of the most confounding mysteries of the last 2 centuries or more.

The day it was first discovered was by a young boy, 16 year old Daniel McGinniss who was on a trip of exploration to this small landmass off the coast of Nova Scotia.

By the time of his short boat trip, the islands secret was already many decades old, but not known.

It was thought that a pirate had buried his treasure here, or that Francis Bacon hid the writings of Shakespeare here. Some even say that the Holy Grail may have found its way to the bottom of the Pit, stashed there by the Knights Templar.

Here is a brief retelling of the story

One day a boy from the mainland rowed his small boat to the island to explore it and found a large old oak tree with a limb partially sawed off. On the partially sawed off limb he noticed what looked to be the remains of rope marks that convince him that it was used to raise or lower something a long time ago.

He decided to return the next day with a couple of friends to dig under the limb to find what if anything was below. The three toiled for hours digging up a combination of things, which included flagstone at a little over 1 meter down and logs at 3 meters, 6 meters and 9 meters.

This took most of the day and they had to leave but swore they would return and continue the search. About nine years later they would keep their promise to return to the island. When they did, it would be with financial backing from a local businessman, Simeon Lynds and lots of manpower.

More oak logs were removed at different levels and then something quite strange was removed from the pit, coconut husk. It would later be discovered that much of the island was covered with a layer of coconut husk.

But there was not a coconut tree growing within a thousand miles of the area.

More oak continued to come up. Then at about 27 meters, a mysterious stone not native to all of Nova Scotia was found and it bore an inscription. The writing was strange and not known to any one local but it would later be interpreted to say: 40 feet below 2 million pounds are buried. The stone with the inscription was discarded at the time and has never been seen again.

They kept the excavation going until nightfall again caused an end to the digging. The Sunday Sabbath caused them to take the next day off but the next day, Monday morning, all returned to find the pit completely filled with water. They tried to dig another shaft next to the first but it collapsed almost killing some workers.

It would be years until excavators realized that the island was completely covered by a network of under ground trenches dug at different levels and that they were designed to flood the pit to tide level if someone tried to dig up the ‘treasure’.

This was an ingenious trap that would have taken great expertise and would have been labor intensive.

A small piece of parchment and a link of gold are a few of the articles removed from the pit.

Later the pit took on new owners who would come and try their hand at the illusive Money Pit but to no avail and some of the efforts ended in awful tragedy.

Nothing more was claimed from the pit but now it was the pits turn to start claiming and it chose lives.

Over half a dozen have died from poisonous gas, drowning and falls, all attributed to the pit.

There have been claims that scans have revealed hidden compartments that reach into the depths of the island and drill bits have hit metal boxes; even pictures of the remains of a severed arm have been reported to have been photographed deep below the islands surface.

The island has held its secret for hundreds of years and is still hanging to its treasure.

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