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Halloween’s Own Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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When I was a kid, we cut the top off the pumpkin, stuck our hands in this gloppy, goey mixture inside the pumpkin and dug out hundreds of slippery, shiny white pumpkin seeds.

You needed to be careful with the knife. You did not want to become part of what is carved.

You’ll need some newspaper to put the pumpkin insides on. You can throw away the pile of goey slop when you are done carving your pumpkin. Cut a face on the pumpkin and put it outside on your step for Halloween.

You needed to work on newspaper and the orange insides of the pumpkin needs to be dug out with a spoon. Pumpkin ‘guts’ has a slippery, slimey texture. It is also slightly cool to the touch.

Separate the seeds from the orange mass and put them into a bowl of salt water. They need to soak in the salt water for a few minutes while your oven preheats.

Oven preheating to 400 degrees.

Pumpkin seeds need to be spread in a single layer across a cookie sheet. You can sprinkle a little more salt across the seeds.

There is no actual ‘correct’ recipe. You just need to put the seeds on the pan, spread them out, and watch them and stir them occasionally while they bake.

As they cook, they will turn a light tan color which will darken the longer they bake.

You will be able to smell them as they reach the done stage. Your house will be filled with a delicious aroma.

Be careful. Do not leave your pumpkin seeds unattended while you cook them. They will burn very quickly.

They need to stay in the oven until they are all a dry, tanned color. This may take up to fifteen minutes, but, like mentioned before, you can smell them as they get closer to done.

Then, break them open and eat the insides. The outside is not very good to eat, but there will be a salt flavor that will draw you back. If they are slightly gummy, you’ll need to put the pan back in the oven and continue cooking them.

Eventually, the outside will be crisp and they will snap open when you bend the pointed end of the pumpkin seed. The outside will get a papery, layered look to it as they get closer to ready to eat. This outside is delicious also, but the actual shell is very much like a sunflower seed shell. Some people eat them, some people do not. It is a personal choice.


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