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Handmade Christmas Gifts

Published by Lavonda Jongebloed

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Buying Christmas gifts is one of the biggest expenses at Christmas but with a little inventiveness you can give thoughtful and unique presents without spending much money. Homemade gift ideas can actually be the best gifts ever, start planning now to save money and create the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Handmade Gift Ideas for Family

Family can be tricky to find gifts for especially if you don’t see them much outside of the holidays. Here are some ideas for a gift that most people will appreciate:


  • Personalize it – Even the most simple item such as a coffee mug can be the most special gift if the receivers initials, photograph or favorite image is added. Pick up a pack of iron-on transfer paper to customize T-shirts and other fabrics.
  • Special compilation – Compile a CD or tape of songs and decorate the box with some hand drawn artwork or a photograph
  • Family calendar – Design a calendar using a template on the computer adding photos of the family with birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Book of quotations – Buy a used book and whitewash all the pages. Write inspirational quotations with drawings and paintings.
  • Comic book – Kids will enjoy making a comic book of what they’ve been up to, maybe even featuring stories of their family members. The finished book can be photocopied and given to everyone.

Cheap Homemade Christmas Gifts

Use any skills you have to make the perfect gift – whether it is culinary, crafty or artistic. Here are a variety of unique Christmas gift ideas:

  • Potpourri – Simply fill inexpensive glass jars, or baskets with dried out fragrant flowers. Add lemon and orange rind, leaves, acorns and cinnamon (ensure they are given enough time to dry out). A few drops of essential oils like grapefruit, lavender or frankincense can also be added.
  • Tote bag – Decorate a plain tote bag with a photo. Or make your own using fabric, a stapler and duct tape (as seen on the Martha Stewart show).
  • Custom apron – Pick up a cheap plain apron and embellish with ribbons and fabric markers.
  • Drawer sachets – Simply collect and dry plenty of lavender and fill small handmade fabric bags.
  • Knit – Whether it is a hat, scarf or gloves; hand-knitted items are often treasured as unique gifts.
  • Salt dough ornaments – These are easy to make and are perfect crafts for kids. Paint them and coat with varnish to make them last longer.
  • Christmas slippers – Add glamour to cheap store-bought slippers with ribbons, holiday applique, sequins and beads.
  • Handmade jewelry – Make eco-jewelry using old Scrabble pieces, braiding old cottons into a friendship bracelet or making a fabric cuff from old clothes.
  • Homemade granola – Simple package a mixture of oats, nuts, cinnamon, dried banana, raisins, dried cranberries and sunflowers seeds.
  • Funny Stationery – Doodle on plain envelopes and cheap cartridge paper adding funny captions and magazines pictures.

Save money during the festive season with homemade Christmas gifts, and also giving friends and family unique gifts that will be remembered for years. Good gift ideas usually arise from the receivers personal tastes and interests so be sure to take that into account when making a handmade Christmas present.

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