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Happy Halloween Beven and Trebor

Published by Garrett Bruzek

trick or treat night.

The way it was to go off is that the girls would walk them along the sidewalk to each house and they would collect candy and no one would be the wiser because Trebor would basically be thought to be in his Halloween outfit.

So the stage was set for great fun and candy-plunder. Beven put on his ghost costume and Trebor was told that his costume was late arriving from the store. They would have to go on even though it hadn’t arrived, so all was well and since Zoe and Trish were not wearing outfits maybe it would not be too weird for Trebor. Besides she would have a long talk with him tomorrow, the time for him to know was definitely here.

As they walked along the sidewalk, the two talked only of treats as they excitedly walked down the path to the first house path; it was the residence of oneRobert Lee Alford, a fun loving man with two puppies and a duck in his yard. Robert liked to play practical jokes. Arriving at the door, they knocked and yelled the familiar cry “Trick Or Treat”. The puppies were in the front yard with the duck sitting on one of the dog’s backs. Trebor and Beven were so caught up in the fun and prospect of candy and cookies that they really didn’t notice the other Trick or Treaters walking up behind them and approaching the porch. Also Trish and Zoe had put their masks on, not thinking of the trouble that was a few seconds away.

When the door opened, Mr. Alford was standing at the door in a scary outfit and holding a bloody rubber hatchet. He was screaming “Triiiccckkkk” at the top of his voice and was holding a scary jack o’ lantern with candy in it. The boys did not notice the candy; they just started screaming and running back toward Zoe and Trish on the sidewalk. When they turned to run, the kids behind them were wearing monster outfits and it was not what they expected to see. They screamed even louder, which scared the puppies into a mad flight behind them.

Reaching Zoe and Trish in their scary witches masks, the two ran into each other. They were trying to get away from this growing nightmare. Screaming and yelling all the way back home with the puppies and the duck running closely on their heals. The puppies were afraid and barking but Trebor and Beven believed that they were chasing them, which made them run even harder and scream even louder.

The two followed by Mr. Alford’s pets, disappeared down the sidewalk, leaving all watchers amazed in stunned silence.

It would be hours before Beven spoke again and days before Trebor could be lured out of his home in the closet and even longer until Zoe and Trish stopped laughing.

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