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Happy Halloween Care Packages for Soldiers and Marines Overseas

Published by Irina Spinoza

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Ten Ways to Brighten Your Soldier’s Day

Halloween is fast approaching, and for those of us who have loved ones overseas serving our country, it can be a bittersweet time. We may find that while we try to enjoy the holiday, we miss our soldiers and Marines. One thing we can do to help ourselves and our military loved ones is to send a fabulous Halloween care package their way. But what could we include? Read on for ten great ideas for a Halloween care package for YOUR soldier!

Letters and Cards

Write your soldier or Marine a letter, letting him or her know what’s up in your neck of the woods for Halloween. Make sure you give him all the details of the goings on, and have the kids draw pictures and make cards. Talk to your soldier’s parents and grandparents, spouse, or anyone else you think he might like to hear from and ask them to write a note to include with the package. Imagine his surprise when he opens the package and finds letters and cards from all of his loved ones in one place!


Be sure to include photos of yourself and or your children in their Halloween costumes. Your soldier will love seeing his family and friends all dressed up, and it will help him to feel included in the goings on back home. And a little tip for military husbands or wives at home: toss in a sexy pic for your lover’s eyes only!

Favorite Candy

No Halloween care package would be complete without the soldier’s favorite types of Halloween candy. Be sure to toss in some old favorites as well as some new treats to try. And while you’re at it, toss in some extra for his buddies. If you can, ask your soldier or Marine what his friends like. You may be able to brighten more than just one soldier’s day!

Bake Up Some Love

Sometimes candy isn’t enough. Be sure to bake up a batch of your soldier’s favorite cookies, bread, or whatever home-made baked goodies he surely isn’t getting over there. Make him remember how good coming home will be!

Travel Sized Stuff

Put together a bag full of your soldier’s favorite travel sized toiletries, including deodorant, insect repellent, shampoo and toothpaste. Travel sizes make it easier for him to carry along with him, and he’ll appreciate the reduced weight of his pack.

Baby Wipes

Seriously. Soldiers and Marines can use these for cleaning themselves when they’re in the field, and they come in handy for many other little things, like wiping sticky fingers after enjoying their Halloween candy. Moms, you know what I’m talking about. Throw in a big refill pack as well as a travel container.


Pick up a few different magazines that your soldier or Marine enjoys, and be sure to include several months worth if you can. Remember to throw in some extras too, so that he can share with his friends. Need some ideas? For men, think automobile, gaming, sports, or something a little spicier. For ladies, consider fashion magazines, parenting, philosophy magazines, or even something a little naughtier. You might just get an extra hug or two when they’re back in the states.


Especially AA batteries are needed by most soldiers, as these can power their radios, CD players, and even flashlights, among other things. Again, be sure to include lots of extras as they’re likely to be shared around post.

Tylenol and Stuff

Get some travel packs of Tylenol, Motrin, and Sudafed (or whichever brands your soldier prefers) and toss them in. Your soldier or Marine will thank you when he’s able to take care of a headache or backache on the run.

More Ideas

Pens, stationary, all occasion cards, and envelopes will come in super handy for your soldier or Marine. Also toss in a stack of calling cards and some disposable waterproof cameras. Be sure to include padded envelopes so they can return the disposable cameras to you for developing. No need to include stamps though, as they can mail letters home for free.




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