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Having a Halloween Party for Kids: What You Will Need

Published by Merlin Leachman

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Having a Halloween party for kids can be a daunting task without plans and plenty of preparation. Here I will give you some ideas on what you should include for your kids Halloween party.

Choosing When to Throw Your Kids Halloween Party

First you will have to choose the date and time of your kids Halloween party. Some people like to have it on Halloween. For people who really get into the Halloween spirit, this may be the best option. However, you may want to throw your kids Halloween party earlier in the day so as not to interfere with the adult parties.

If you don’t let your kids go trick-or-treating, why not have a Halloween party for kids on the date your community sets for trick-or-treating?

If other parents share your views, you could throw a kids Halloween party during the time period set aside for trick-or-treating so the kids don’t feel left out. Halloween can be about whatever you want it to mean. For me, it is just a time for my kids to have fun, no other meaning behind it.

If most of your child’s friends will be going trick-or-treating, you could have your Halloween party for kids shortly after the allotted time so more kids can attend. Allowing your kids to help in the preparations for the Halloween party may alleviate the disappointment at not going trick-or-treating.

Planning Your Halloween Party for Kids

Costumed? You will also want to decide if the kids should wear costumes or not. Be sure to include this information on any invitations you send out.

Theme. You can choose to focus your kids Halloween party around a particular scary character or theme. Or you may choose to have a general Halloween party for kids. Whichever you choose, you should be sure you can find enough in the way of decorations and favors to complete the theme.

Getting Supplies for a Kids Halloween Party

You can find budget-friendly supplies for your kids Halloween party at your local dollar stores, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Family Dollar. Most of these have their Halloween displays started now, so you can begin to get your supplies.

Another place to get Halloween party supplies on the cheap is Oriental Trading Company1. As they will have to ship your selections to you, you should order your Halloween party supplies soon for availability and prompt shipment.

TIP: When ordering from Oriental Trading Company, they ask the date of your event. Do not give a date, unless you make that date at least two weeks prior to the actual event. You need time to look over your items and make replacements for any items that may be currently out of stock.

Supplies Needed for Your Halloween Party for Kids

For the best Halloween party for kids, you will like to have a good selection of the following supplies:



-Decorations such as streamers, window and wall hangings, and decorations that hang from the ceiling (to name a few options), and don’t forget a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern!




You can add other things to your list, this is just the basics you will need to throw your Halloween party for kids.

For a pulled-together spooky effect, you should keep your colors with the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange. However, if you are choosing a specific theme, try to stick with two to three main colors to blend your theme for your kids Halloween party.

Food Ideas for a Kids Halloween Party

Since many kids will be getting a lot of junk food from trick-or-treating, you may want to limit your offerings to healthy food choices. Choose foods that complement the colors in your theme. If you include a vegetable or fruit tray, you can use food coloring to color the dips to match the colors of your theme. You can also make kool-aid in the flavor whose color matches your theme.

Don’t put too much effort into the food. The fun of a Halloween party for kids is the games.

Games for a Halloween Party for Kids

You can buy or make games for your kids Halloween party. Buying special games for Halloween saves you time on planning and preparation. However, you can make some spooky games right at home. There are games you can make at home for your kids Halloween party including, “Pin the Bat in the Belfry” (like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”) and a Halloween version of Bingo. You can get ideas for a wide range of games for your kids Halloween party at Party Game Ideas2.

Don’t forget “Bobbing for Apples”. You will need a large wide bucket or container for this. With younger kids, the water should just cover the apples for safety and ease in each child being able to secure an apple. Older kids can have deeper water for the full bobbing effect.

Ending Your Kids Halloween Party

After your games have been played (maybe more than once) and the kids begin to get edgy or tired, it is time to wind down your kids Halloween party. Begin for the end by playing some type of sitting game where the kids have to use their minds to think, such as finding out how many words they can make using the letters in the words “Halloween Party”.

As the kids begin to leave, give each one a treat bag with a few toys and pieces of candy related to your theme or Halloween in general. They will go home tired an happy with a little memory of the fantastic Halloween party for kids you just gave them!

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