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Healthy Alternatives to Candy for Halloween Treats

Published by Lezlie Kibbler

Halloween Candy Buy Back program. The candy is usually purchased at $1 a pound and then shipped to soldiers serving overseas. (It’s a win-win situation.) You can find out more about the buy back program by visiting halloweencandybuyback.com or if you’re a Facebook fan you can visit facebook.com. It also wouldn’t hurt to call your local dentist if you do not see them on the list to see if they are participating.

Option Number Two

You can offer to buy back the candy yourself and take it to the office, church, etc. Sure someone else will be eating the calories and you’re contributing to tooth decay but at least it won’t be at your family’s expense. Only offer small amounts like a nickel a piece for the candy, otherwise it will add up very quickly. You can also offer to purchase a small toy instead of the cash option.

Option Number Three

Good alternatives for handing out Halloween treats instead of candy can become mind-boggling. Especially knowing that the kids will be expecting candy. If you plan and shop ahead, you can hand out healthy alternative Halloween treats and Not be the most despised house on the block. Treats like popcorn balls, bags of pretzels, granola bars, and fruit snacks (check the sugar content) are all healthier options compared to candy. Super Wal-Mart is always a good place to look for these treats or even you’re regular grocery store.

You can also skip food altogether and hand out small toys or school supplies. Oriental Trading Company offers many small toys that can be purchased rather cheaply. If you order from Oriental Trading Company be sure to place your order in time and allow for shipping so that your purchase arrives before Halloween. You can usually find coupons for Oriental Trading Company by googling the store name and the word “coupon” together. Another option would be to hand out school supplies like pencils and erasers. These are always welcomed and can always be used. (No expiration date to worry about.) Normally you can purchase 40 of the colored pencil top erasers in a pack at the Dollar Tree, for you guessed it, one dollar. (What a bargain!)

You’ll be surprised at just how many trick or treaters will enjoy getting something other than candy in their treat bags. The other parents and the children’s dentist will also be thanking you for not providing candy on Halloween.

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