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Healthy Halloween Food and Treats

Published by Hector Meroney

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Healthy, Kid-Friendly Party Food Ideas

Want your kids to have a healthier Halloween? Its do-able, and fun too!

Here are several HEALTHY Halloween treats:
(*NOTE: these go over best when used in a game. You place these foods on a plate/in a bowl, have children close their eyes and feel the “brains”, “eyeballs”, “guts”, “vampire teeth”, etc. Its like a G rated “Fear Factor”)

– Its just squished sugar-free jell-o, (but you call it “brains!”)

-peeled grapes (any color)

– soak whole almonds in water overnight, then rub away the brown skin. Let them dry, and you have (what feel like)
vampire teeth OR (when halved) witch’s fingernails

HALLOWEEN PUNCH (must be placed in a punch bowl)
– choose whatever fruit juice or punch you like, then add an equal amount of seltzer-water or SPRITE
-place a hand-sized chunk of DRY-ICE into the mix, and it will start to “smoke” (completely safe)

*if you like, you can add a sugar-free jell-o hand to float around in the punch.
simply fill a POWDER-FREE rubber/latex glove with liquid jello, and fruit bits if you like, let FREEZE, and place in the punch. This serves a dual function of keeping the punch cool, and adding another halloween themed element.

** ALSO, be aware that these will not go over well as trick-or-treats. Parents are always (and rightfully should be!) wary of unpackaged or homemade goods given to their children when trick-or-treating. These foods should only be given to YOUR children, OR at a Halloween Party.
If your child is given unpackaged, opened, or homemade treats, it is possible that they may have been intentionally or unintentionally contaminated or tampered with. Though most of these are probably OK to eat, there are some which (in the past) have contained things such as razor blades, poisons, and narcotics. For this reason, please be aware of what your child receives and consumes this Halloween, so everyone has a happy, fun, and healthy Halloween season.

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