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Healthy Halloween Food Ideas

Published by Nadia Bickham

pumpkin seeds for a nice snack. You can make a wide variety of recipes with pumpkins including breads and other baked goods. You can stew the pumpkins as well. There are even healthier recipes for pumpkin pies, which use less sugar, and pumpkin cookies, which use ingredients such as applesauce instead of less healthy items. Many recipes can be found in cookbooks or online at places such as www.allrecipes.com.

Squash – Squash can be a delicious food item and is very healthy. It makes you think of the autumn and that time of year. There are many delicious recipes that involve squash. Again, just remember to stay away from things that involve a lot of butter, sugar, etc, as these can turn any healthy item into an unhealthy item.

Grapes/Eyes – If you want a fun item for the kids, you can make “eyes” out of grapes. Just use a food-coloring pen to make a little eye in the middle of each grape and say that is what they are. Obviously, grapes are a very healthy snack, and this can be a fun way to tie them in to Halloween.

Spaghetti/Brains – If you have a party, you can have spaghetti and say that it is a brain. If you want to get creative, you can use whole-wheat pasta to simulate the color and use a mold to try to simulate the shape. You can also take some extra spaghetti and let the kids touch it and say that it is a brain, and then let them eat it.

Sugar-free candy – They sell many forms of sugar-free candy. Although it is not really a health food, it is often far healthier than sugary candy. Be wary of the artificial sweeteners, however, since some have their own side effects. It can be a nice alternative than regular candy. Halloween is a fun holiday, but many of the things that people eat are unhealthy, especially the candy. Some healthy items that you can make are pumpkin-related items, squash, grapes, spaghetti and sugar-free candy.

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