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Healthy Halloween Party Snacks for the Kids

Published by Lanny Berch

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Halloween is coming up. That means plenty of candy will be given to kids. It also means are have events in and out of schools for the kids. However, concerns about childhood obesity and other health issues could make some families avoid anything with sugar in it. Families also have to deal with the raising costs of food. It won’t be easy finding healthy snacks for kids at a low price. That doesn’t mean parents can’t find an alternative. There are ways to give your kids great snacks that are good for them. Here are 5 you can do at home.

Trick or Treat Trail Mix: Here’s a Halloween snack that’s great for those on the go. The Treat or Trail Mix contains many of the snacks your like: Fruit, Cereal, Nuts, Crackers and Pretzels. They can be made with or without your favorite Cereal. If you or your kids have peanuts allergies, you can make the trail mix without the peanuts. It’s a great mix of sweet and salty tastes. Parents will like it because they will be getting a snack with 6g protein, 30g carbohydrate and 2.5g of fiber.

Crunchy Spiders Snack: What would be Halloween without Spiders? Now, those creepy crawlers can become a cool Halloween treat. You take Ritz crackers and combine them pretzel sticks, chocolate hazelnut spread, and raisins or white chocolate chips for decorating. This snack is great for the kids because they can create this snack in many different ways.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: How can have Halloween without the craving of the pumpkin? The excitement doesn’t end with the last of pumpkin guts coming out. Inside the pumpkin are seeds that are as nutritious alternative to chocolate and candy. You can cook these seeds to light brown look. It gives the kids something crunchy to eat on, and it’s not high in sugar.

NEWTON® Monster Pops: It’s a scary new way to have fun with a fig Newton Here are items It’s a quick and easy snack for kids either after school or after dinner. It’s not only cool snack for kids. It’s also a fun for adults because this dessert can use as food art. You can display it for your office parties. This treat combines the Newton with gels, frostings, marshmallows, candies and sprinkles to create the scary monster faces. That will make the kids scream.

Vampire Blood Shakes: Love vampires? This drink is made for you. It’s also good for your Kids diet. This Halloween treat combines real fruit like strawberries and other healthy items like yogurt. The kids will like because it has ice cream, and kids like ice cream. Parents will like it because they’re getting daily dairy intake. For those who can’t handle dairy, there are soy products that you can work as substitute.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies: It’s a new take on an old time favorite. It’s a Halloween treat that you’re kids will love. It’s not health food, but this treat has some nutritional benefits you won’t have in the traditional chocolate chip cookies. If you use the white whole wheat flour, rather than regular whole wheat flour, you’ll have a treat with 2g of Fiber. Kids will like because it has a cake like feel when they taste it. It also satisfies the kids’ sweet tooth while being good for them.


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