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Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas for Growing Toddlers

Published by Nelson Misik

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Halloween is just around the corner. While the holiday is typically known for sweets, parents often look for healthy alternatives to all of the sugary treats. Here are several snack ideas and recipes specifically for your toddler that will leave you feeling like a great parent and won’t make your toddler feel like he or she is missing out.

Hot apple cider is a fun treat for any holiday this fall. Simply boil 100% apple juice with a few cinnamon sticks, orange peel and a dash of cloves. Simmer the cider for several minutes. Add ice for your toddler and allow the rest of the family to enjoy warm.

If you want to allow your toddler a little sugar without going overboard, a Halloween trail mix may be the perfect treat. Mix cheerios with chex cereal, raisins and a small amount of candy corn. This mix has just the right amount of sweet!

Pumpkin is often associated with Halloween, but many only use it for pies. Add pureed pumpkin and cinnamon to vanilla yogurt for a healthy, fall-themed afternoon snack. You can also add pureed pumpkin and pie spice to cream cheese for a spread that goes great on bagels. Pumpkin cream cheese also makes a great dip for apples.

Be creative, and you and your toddler can have a healthy, happy Halloween.



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