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Healthy Halloween Treats for Toddlers

Published by Hector Meroney

healthy snacks that my kids will love.

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies

Check out your local dollar store, or if you are fancier than me, your gourmet cooking store, for Halloween shaped cookie cutters. Almost anything can be cut into a fun shape.

Use thin wheat bread, a slice of turkey and some cheddar cheese to make a turkey sandwich. Use your new cookie cutters to turn it into a pumpkin and I promise your goblins will gobble them up.

Other good uses for cookie cutters are pancakes, cheese slices, cinnamon toast or banana bread.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Think your kids will turn up their noses at pumpkin? Let them join in on the cooking and they will suddenly love this winter vegetable. Pumpkin breads, pumpkin biscuits and pumpkin muffins are great choices. Give each child a turn to stir, let them scoop the batter into the muffin tins and set the timer. By the time the bell dings your kids will swear that pumpkin muffins are their favorites.

Apple Witches

This is a great indoor activity and looks adorable on a plate. Cut a thin slice off one side of an apple. Add raisins as eyes and a nose. Use all-fruit fruit roll-ups and cut out witch hair, a mouth and a pointy hat. Put your witch on a Halloween themed plate for extra kid-points.

Halloween Night

Your kids will inevitably come home on Halloween with an obscene amount of candy. Luckily for you, a toddler’s memory is pretty short. Let them eat a few pieces and then put all the candy in a bowl on the top shelf of your pantry. For the first week after Halloween I allow my kids one piece each day. Once that week is over they tend to forget that it is even there and I slowly put a little more in the trash each day.

This year let’s all agree to skip that dreaded candy aisle in the grocery store and maybe we will all make it through this Halloween free of sugar-rushes and cavities.

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