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Healthy Halloween Treats for Trick or Treaters

Published by Justin Ewert

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It’s Halloween time again and children are eager to go door to door and receive endless amounts of candy. With the child obesity rate expected to reach one in five by 2016, I think its time for a change. Halloween is a tradition among many families and it would be impossible to tell your child they aren’t allowed to eat any of their treats. The people who provide the treats are the ones in control of that situation. So take your shopping list out and cross out all the high calorie unhealthy foods you have written down.

If you observe the back of most packs of candy you will discover that they are usually 200 calories or higher. Recently 100 calorie snacks are everywhere on shelves. Nestle just came out with a 100 calorie package of Cranberry Raisinets that is tasty and low fat. They are made with real fruit and a good dose of vitamin C. Cranberry Raisinets get rid of free radicals that can cause harm to your body. At the grocery store you will also find boxes saying 100 calorie snack packs. These packs are treats but they have smaller portions in each bag making it 100 calories. There is a large variety of snack packs such as Ritz, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Wheat Thins, Planters, Teddy Grahams and many more. The treats you get don’t necessarily have to be name brand. If you simply check the nutrition facts on the back of the treats you should be able to find snacks that are low in fat. That would be the start of making a difference.

A salty way of slowing down candy cravings would be sunflower seeds. The small containers of sunflower seeds are popular with kids and a very healthy source of vitamins. Raw sunflower seeds contain 90.5 % of Vitamin E and a high amount of Vitamin B1. Sunflower seeds also contain manganese. It’s proven that sunflower seeds can help calm stress and lower your blood pressure. Sunflower seeds are good for cholesterol and have been substitutes for butter. Like Cranberry Raisinets, they get rid of free radicals. Sunflower seeds can be found in small pouches so it doesn’t become expensive. Remember that parents don’t like taking homemade recipes.

Trail mix is a fantastic way to get nutrition in your snack. Trail mix can be found next to the small packages of sunflower seeds. Trail mix contains dried fruit, nuts and a good source of wheat. You may have to watch the calories because sometimes brands like to add chocolate or other flavors to their mixes. Trail mix can make you very energetic from the carbohydrates inside the fruits.

There are actions you can take at the door so the portions you give out are smaller. Instead of holding out the whole bowl, look and see who rings the door bell and bring a healthy portion out to the trick or treaters



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