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Helpful Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Published by Jordan Coria

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Halloween can be great fun for adults and kids alike. Your pet however, might be less than happy about the festivities. The parade of strangers dressed in odd costumes, scary decorations and constant noise might leave Fido and Fluffy feeling stressed and anxious. Even worse, some Halloween activities can be down right dangerous- resulting in lost, sick or injured pets. There are a few simple preparations you can make to assure Halloween safety for four-legged companion.

Prior to Halloween make sure your pet has current identification tags, even if your pet has an ID chip. The Humane Society recommends that your pet always wear a collar with tags, even when indoors. Current tags make it easier for your pet to be returned to you in case of escape. If your pet has an ID chip make sure that chip is registered with your current information as well. Even if your pet is wearing current ID exercise caution when opening the door on Halloween to prevent escape attempts.

If you anticipate many trick-or-treaters on Halloween consider leaving your pet in a quiet room away from the action. Costumes and strangers may frighten pets, and pets in turn may scare children. No matter how friendly the animal you never can predict how they will react when panicked. Prepare for Halloween by planning plenty of activity or your pet before visitors start to arrive and then settle them in a quiet spot with a nice treat. This will help your pet feel secure and will reduce any risk of your animal being frightened.

Try to keep pets indoors during the peak trick-or-treat hours in your neighborhood. Walk your dog before the sidewalks are filled with ghosts and goblins, if at all possible. Additionally, make cats stay indoors Halloween night as troublemakers can and do involve them in cruel pranks.

Before and after Halloween revelry candy and candy wrappers should be out of reach of pets. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and wrappers can cause choking or bowel obstruction. Even sugar-free candy can be dangerous to pets as they contain an ingredient called xylitol which can cause a severe reaction. The safest bet is to leave the Halloween goodies for the humans.

Halloween decorations may also create a hazard for your pet. Place cords, wires and any potentially appealing decoration out of their reach to prevent them from chewing foreign objects. Any open flame should be out of your pets reach and used under close supervision to prevent fires.

Taking pet safety into consideration before and during the fun can make everyone’s Halloween a safe and enjoyable experience.




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