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Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch

Published by Nena Shankin

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Non-Alcoholic Punch Recipes and Ideas

A truly memorable Halloween party can take a lot of work to pull off. The decorating is a huge undertaking in itself, not to mention freaky food and drinks. To lighten the load without scrimping on style and effect, try one of these spooky (and easy to make) Halloween punches to help set the ghoulish mood!

Black as Night Witch’s Brew
1 packet grape Kool-Aid mix
1 packet orange Kool-Aid mix
2 cups white sugar
3 quarts (or 12 cups) cold water

Mix until sugar and Kool-Aid are dissolved and store in refrigerator. Just before serving add 1 liter of chilled ginger ale to the mix.

Vampire’s Favorite: Bowl of Blood
1 can frozen cranberry juice from concentrate
1 liter chilled lemon-lime soda
1 jar raspberry jelly

Make the juice as directed, do not chill. Put jelly in a small saucepan and heat on low while stirring with a whisk. Once jelly is melted, add to juice and stir thoroughly. Chill mixture once combined. Add soda to taste just before serving. Depending on how “sparkly” you like your “blood”, add less or more soda.

To complete the scary look of your punch, try one or two of these additions:

A Frozen Floating Hand – clean a rubber glove and fill with water. Add food coloring for different effects if desired and freeze. Peel glove from frozen hand and add to punch bowl before serving. Make sure your punch is already cold or some of your fingers might melt too fast!

Floating Squirmy Worms – fill an ice cube tray and add different color food colorings to each cube. Put a gummy worm half in and half out of each cube and freeze. Add to punch just before serving.

Slimy Eyeballs – Add peeled lychee to any punch for a gross floating eyeball effect.

Steamy Potion – Place your punch bowl inside a slightly larger cauldron (usually easy to find at any Halloween or party store). Put dry ice between inside the cauldron surrounding your punch bowl. Make sure not to get any inside the punch!




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