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Holly the Christmas Fairy Summary: A Rainbow Magic Special Edition by Daisy Meadows

Published by Lulu Mushrush

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The original Rainbow Magic series, published by Scholastic Inc, included seven books, each named after a different colored fairy. Building on her success, Meadows has since written nine sub-series’ including: The Weather Fairies, The Party Fairies, The Jewel Fairies, The Pet Keeper Fairies, The Fun Day Fairies, The Petal Fairies, The Dance Fairies, The Sporty Fairies, The Music Fairies, The Magical Animal Fairies, The Green Fairies, The Ocean Fairies, and The Night Fairies.

Special Editions

Daisy Meadows has also written fifteen longer Special Edition novels, each featuring a different holiday, event or concept, such as Holly the Christmas Fairy, Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy, and Hannah the Happily Ever After Fairy. Many of these special editions, along with The Night Fairies series aren’t available until this year.

Total Books

With seven books in each series, and her fifteen bonus books, Daisy Meadows has written a whopping 113 books since the series launched in 2003. The books may be short, but that is some efficient composition nonetheless. The same human protagonists, Kristy and Rachel, have played a starring role in all 113 publications. Here’s a closer look at one of the exciting adventures there two busy friends have embarked upon.

Holly the Christmas Fairy Summary

Christmas is just around the corner and best friends Rachel and Kristy are getting into the holiday spirit. While hunting for Christmas decorations in Rachel’s garage, the girls are summoned to fairyland using the magical fairy dust inside Kristy’s locket.


There’s trouble brewing in Fairyland; it seems the mischievous Jack Frost is at it again. He’s making it impossible for Holly the Christmas Fairy to do her job making Christmas happy and sparkly. Jack Frost has stolen Santa’s sleigh and three very special, very important, presents. The fairies suspect that he has driven the sleigh to the human world.

They need Rachel and Kristy’s help retrieving sleigh so that every child in the world won’t wake up on Christmas morning and find no presents under their tree. Armed with a magical crown that, if placed on Jack Frost’s head, will transport him back to King Oberon and Queen Titania—the king and queen of Fairyland.

Rachel and Kristy return to the human world. While choosing a Christmas tree and Christmas shopping at the mall, the girls make their first attempts at retrieving the sleigh and magic presents. But Jack Frost is no dummy—he evades them at the mall and returns to his ice palace in Fairyland. That leaves the girls no choice—on Christmas Eve, they have to infiltrate Jack Frost’s lair and do everything in their power to take back what rightfully belongs to the fairies.

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