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Holy Cow, What an Easy Halloween Costume! A Homemade Outfit that is Simple, Inexpensive and Fun to Make

Published by Lester Celedon

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Materials needed:

  • White Hooded Sweat Shirt and White Sweat Pants or any white pants (white “scrubs” work well too)
  • Black Felt – Several sheets, any size
  • 1 Large Square White Felt (up to 24”)

For Wings and Halo:

If making wings or halo, you will need the following items. (Angel wings can be purchased inexpenively too).

  • 2 pieces thin craft foam (white) or white cardboard
  • Craft glue of any kind
  • Sequins, feathers, gold or silver glitter or lace to decorate wings
  • Silver or Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners
  1. Cow Spots: Cut irregular shapes out of felt, each about the size of a softball. Vary the pattern, making some kidney shaped, some oval. There is no right or wrong to this, just try to envision spots on a cow. Glue or sew randomly on shirt and pants.
  2. For ears: Cut two ovals out of the white felt, the size of a dollar bill. Crimp one end, pinching together to give the ear shape and pin or sew it to the side of the hood on the sweatshirt where the ears would be located, about midway down the side of the hood.
  3. If you decide to give your Holy Cow a tail, cut one or two long rectangle strips, about two inches wide. This will be one long section, so if you use two pieces, attach them together with glue or sew them. For the end of the tail, use one piece of black felt, about the size of a playing card and cut four or five slices along one side, but not cutting all the way to the other end; leave about an inch. Attach this to the end of the white section and the tail to the seat of the cow costume. Make sure to attach the tail high enough so that your Holy Cow doesn’t sit on the point of attachment and tear off their tail!
  4. Make the wings by cutting them from the foam or cardboard, proportionate to the size of the costume wearer, but can be varied by personal choice. Decorate wings with glitter, if desired, by covering in glue and glittering over glue. A shortcut here would be to use a gold or silver glitter pen and outline the wings or draw a pattern. Add lace, sequins or feathers to make your wings fancier. If decorating with wings, they look best putting them on in layered rows and pointing them down. Whatever decorations you decide to use can be glued on easily. Attach wings to back of costume with thread or safety pins.
  5. The Holy Cow can be worn with or without a halo. If you decide to make one, it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Simply twist pipe cleaners together into a circle. Use multiple layers or glue on feathers for a fancier halo. You can also make a circle of pipe cleaners with a stem that allows the halo to be raised above the head. The stem is attached to the hood of the sweatshirt. However, most people find it easier to just lay the ring directly on the “cow’s” head.

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