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Homemade Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones: Affordable Gift Basket Ideas to Give Away This Yuletide

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Overspending seems to be the norm during Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be so. Try making homemade Christmas gifts for loved ones instead of swiping the credit card endlessly to find great gifts. In fact, gifts made from the heart are often more appreciated.

Not sure where or how to start? Check out some affordable and practical gift basket ideas to give away this Yuletide. Most of the gift items suggested here can be found at discount shops or during sales.

Kitchen Baskets Make Great Christmas Gifts

Small kitchen utensils are useful and thoughtful gifts for newlyweds or those who have just moved into a new house. Buy a basket or a huge salad bowl and fill it with items such as spatulas, serving spoons, a scrapper, a peeler, measuring cups or spoons, ice cream scoops, oven mittens, kitchen towels and wash cloths.

Bake Cookies and Biscuits for Family and Friends

Those with a penchant and skills for baking should put their talent to good use. Bake Christmas-themed cookies using special cutters in the shape of Santa Claus, stars, Christmas trees or snowmen. Keep them in airtight jars tied with green and red ribbons. Other ideas include making gingerbread men, chocolates and Christmas puddings. Make hampers out of these items. Write down a favorite family recipe to share with the gift recipients too.

Book Gift Sets for Bookworms

Book stores often sell book gift sets just before holiday seasons. However, sometimes, the right combination of books just isn’t there. So why not create special book gift sets tailored to loved ones’ preferences? Buy books when they are on sale or check out the bargain bins. There are often many cookbooks, children’s books, self-help books and novels available at very affordable prices. Put each set of books in a nice sturdy box and have it wrapped up before giving it away.


Gardening Sets for Avid Gardeners

If there are friends and relatives who enjoy gardening, they will be delighted to have a practical gardening set as a Christmas present. Get a wire basket or bucket and stuff it with small gardening tools, gloves, fertilizers, packets of seeds and perhaps a jar of hand moisturizer to prevent dryness in the hands.

Make Travel Survival Kits as Christmas Presents

Surprise loved ones who enjoy traveling or planning to go on a holiday with homemade travel survival kits. A shoebox makes a good container. Fill it with a small first aid kit (containing bandages, antiseptic cream, cotton balls and alcohol swaps), mini size toiletries (free samples will be useful here), maps and a pocket size travel guide book.

Give Fruit Baskets Away on Christmas

Those with beautiful fruit trees in the garden can share the harvest with family and friends on Christmas. Pluck the fruits and arrange them nicely in baskets to be given away as gifts. No fruit trees in the garden? No worries! Head for the nearest farmer’s market and buy fresh fruits in bulk. There will be more varieties and colors to choose from too.

There are many homemade Christmas gifts that can be made for loved ones. A good way to present them is to put them in baskets or create sets of related small gifts. Affordable and practical gift basket ideas include kitchen baskets, baked cookies and biscuits, book sets, gardening tool sets, travel survival kits and fruit baskets. To further reduce Christmas spending, be sure to get the items during sales or at bargain stores.

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