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Homemade Christmas Ornament: Sparkling Stained Glass Star

Published by Tora Aschenbrenner

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This Christmas craft utilizes the crafting with glue guidelines to create a gorgeous, shining stained glass star. Plain white glue, various colored construction paper and loose glitter are all that is needed to make this homemade Christmas ornament. Beautiful Christmas decorations need not be complicated or expensive. All you need are your sweet children, lots of imagination, and these three common crafting supplies to create beautiful stars, gingerbread people, Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, angels and much more!

Stained Glass Star Homemade Christmas Ornament Instructions

  1. Use any color sheet of construction paper as a background to build the stained glass layers. Then let each child tear strips of various colored construction paper and glue side by side onto the background paper. It doesn’t have to cover the whole sheet.
  2. Let each child draw a star or trace a star shaped cookie cutter on top of the colorful strips. The star should include several different colors.
  3. Trace the star shape with heavy lines of white glue. The glue needs to be thick to create a sturdy ornament. Fill in the star with the glue at the same thickness level as the outline.
  4. Add different color glitter to the glue. Matching the color of the glitter to the color of the construction paper strip creates a more realistic stained glass appearance. Using their finger or a Q-tip, mix the glitter into the glue.
  5. Allow the star ornament to completely dry. This may take 24-48 hours. The glue will dry clear and the ornament will be hardened.
  6. Slowly peel the star away from the construction paper. A very thin layer of the construction paper will be attached to the glue ornament to give it that different colored appearance of stained glass. The glitter adds sparkle.
  7. Push the end of a tree decoration hook or a paper clip through the top point of the stained glass star. Now hang this beautiful, homemade Christmas decoration on your Christmas tree.

The stained glass star ornament and any of the other glue ornaments make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends. No child will create two identical stars so they will be easy to tell apart.


Christmas crafts are wonderful ways to get into the holiday spirit and have some great family fun. This type of project creates not only unique homemade Christmas ornaments but family memories as well. Each time this star is placed upon the Christmas tree, the memories of that day will bring a smile to your face!

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