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Homemade Halloween Popup Cards or Invitations

Published by Loria Nicka

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Halloween is a great time of year for parties. If you like making your own cards, especially when your kids can help, then here is a great idea for Halloween popup cards or invitations.

Items you will need

Construction paper, at least two different colors


Paint brush


Foam Halloween shapes (or cheap pack of sponges and Halloween cookie cutters)



Gold metallic pen

Plastic table covers

Old clothes or apron

First if you don’t want to buy paint, there is a great recipe for Homemade Paint, just click the link. This is for easy cheap finger paint by Ebner Family. The best part is, it’s washable. However please keep in mind there is food dye involved, so wear old clothes, or have something to fully cover your clothes while working with the paint. This is also why I say you need a plastic table cover, to avoid staining your table.

Now, decide how many cards you are going to make and what colors you want the cards. I suggest just using orange and black construction paper, keep it simple. You can do have orange and half black. Once you know that, fold the construction paper for the cards in half. Now if you have an older child, he or she can use the stencils, paint, and paint brush to start putting Happy Halloween on the cards.

Now, if you wanted to make your own Halloween shapes, grab the sponges and cookie cutters. Put a lot of force on the cookie cutters to cut through the sponge. You might still have to use the scissors to cut the last little bit. Now you can take the other construction paper and start making the shapes. Use the opposite color of the cards. Use the sponge shapes to dip in the paint and then sponge on the paper. This is where your younger child can come in. You help him or her dip the sponge in the paint and then stamp it on the paper.

Don’t let it fully dry before cutting out the shapes. It dries rather hard, so if you let it dry, you might have to leave a little outline of the construction paper around the shape. Just remember you can rinse your scissors after cutting out the shapes. Do as many shapes as you would like. These will go on the inside of the cards.

Now, you can also use the sponge shapes to put a Halloween shape on the front of the card. Go ahead and use the sponge directly on the front of the card.

So now you have Happy Halloween painted on the cards, a shape on the front of the cards, and the shapes cut out. Let them finish drying and then move on to cutting some one inch strips of construction paper. Cut one for every shape you have done. You will want to fold these strips so that they make an M.

Once you have the strips cut, the cards and shapes are fully dry, now you can start with the inside of the card. For the shapes, plan on placing them on the right side of the inside. You will glue one edge of the M to the card, and the other side of the M to the shape so that it pops up from the card. Again, you can put as many shapes in the card(s) as you want too.

Once you are done with this step, let the glue dry. Now if you just want to use these as cards, let everyone sign their name on the left inside of the card using the gold metallic pen. If you want to use these as invitations, use the gold metallic pen to write down all of the info on the left side.

So have fun making your Halloween invitations or cards. You can wash out the sponges and keep them for next year too!! Have a safe and fun Halloween!



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