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Honey Baked Ham Has Gluten-free Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

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Published by Dana Dilick

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Honey Baked Ham may be a popular destination for purchasing spiral-sliced hams for Christmas and Easter dinners, with more than 400 locations, but did you know that Honey Baked Ham also sells large, pre-sliced, glazed turkey breast that can be used for a gluten-freeThanksgiving dinner?

If you’re hosting people with celiac disease or those on a gluten-free diet for whatever reason, the Honey Baked Ham turkey breast can make cooking much easier. Learn where to find a Honey Baked Ham store in your area, how to get coupons, and how the GF turkey breast can help make your holiday simpler.

Honey Baked Ham Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

While hams are – of course – the company’s biggest seller, the turkey breast has gained in sales as well. Honey Baked Ham clearly states on its corporate website that a reformulation of the glaze used in making hams and turkey breasts makes both products 100 percent gluten-free. While you may still want to bake a traditional, full turkey, one of the pitfalls for people on a gluten free diet is that any gluten products used to stuff the turkey – such as traditional stuffing – contaminate the meat, making it completely unsafe for someone following a gluten-free diet.

A Honey Baked Ham turkey breast, then, can be a great, safe supplement for a GF Thanksgiving turkey. Make a traditional bird and buy a gluten-free turkey breast to make everyone happy. Or, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of a full bird, or just have two or four guests, the Honey Baked Ham turkey breast works well on its own.

Thanksgiving dinner works well for the turkey breast, as it is gluten-free, dairy-free, and only needs to be warmed to room temperature, or heated for about 30 minutes in a 200 degree oven.

Honey Baked Ham Locations

Call 800-343-HAMS to order a frozen turkey breast shipped to the home. The store locator can be found on the Honey Baked Ham Store Website by entering the local zip code if you want to order locally and just do pick-up for a gluten-free turkey breast..

Honey Baked Ham’s products are very popular during the week before major holidays, so order early and pick up as far in advance as possible when planning your gluten-free Thanksgiving. The turkey breast can be stored in the refrigerator for five days, so to avoid long lines get in to the store early.

Honey Baked Ham Coupons

Most locations are franchises, so finding Honey Baked Ham coupons varies depending whether the specific franchise is participating in a coupon promotion. Average Honey Baked Ham coupons offer anywhere from $5 to $16.99 off the purchase of a turkey breast or turkey dinner, an excellent savings. Some franchise websites have printable Honey Baked Ham coupons for download.

Consumers looking for Honeybaked Ham coupons should be on the look out for these promotions to get the best savings on products and to have a happy – and less expensive – gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner.

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