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Horror Flicks for Halloween: Recommendations for a Halloween Night in

Published by Chi Welte

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Planning to have a night in rather than a night out for October 31st? Halloween may be the best time of the year to ditch the ever-expensive, ever-elaborate parties. And if dressing up in costumes is getting a little old this year, movie choices for Halloween are not.

There will always the classic spooky flicks to choose from: Frankenstein, The Exorcist or any Freddy Krueger thriller. Depending on the mood, the best Halloween titles always manage to creep out and entertain viewers. Here are some of the best ones in their categories:

Slasher Films

Slasher films are perhaps the most popular in the bunch. After all, nothing completes a horror flick more than 120 minutes of screams, blood and death scenes. One of the best gory movies is the Saw collection. A man literally chops off his foot with a rusty construction metal equipment in one scene. It doesn’t get more slasher than that. The 2017 flick went on to produce one of the most recognizable costumes (the puppet mask) and grew into five sequels. A warning, however, to anyone who chooses to do a Saw marathon: As the sequel number goes higher, the plot becomes thinner. The best bet on a slasherseries is Scream. A fourth sequel for the ’90s horror cult is one the works, so there is not better time than now to catch up with Sidney Prescott and that psychotic serial killer.

Ghost Stories

But not everyone is into two-hour gorefest. Some prefer ghost stories. Nicole Kidman’s The Others is an unusual ghost movie as it didn’t seem to be one in the beginning. The flick offers perhaps one of the most unexpected twists in the end. For those who have a weakness for little ghost kids, there is The Ring and The Grudge (both of which are Japanese adaptations) or the infamous “I see dead people,” The Sixth Sense.


Speaking of little ghost kids, The Orphan stands out as one of the best thrillers in the last five years. As the movie’s tag line goes, “There’s something wrong with Esther,” but viewers don’t find out until the last 20 minutes of the film. And the twist, to say the least, is shocking. Like a truethriller flick, it built suspense and left the audience gasping for the big reveal.

Funny-Scary Films

Of course Halloween movies don’t have to mean locking all doors and refusing to leave the house for a week. Sometimes the best Halloween movies offer comic relief. Shaun of the Dead is a different take on apparitions from the dead. The movie’s plot revolves around a guy who is trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and saving the world from a zombie apocalypse at the same time. Then, there’s Scary Movie, the king of all parodies. Apart from its title, the only thing scary about Scary Movie is how good it is.

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