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Host a Comic Book-Themed Halloween Party: Spooky Games and Decorations for a Super Hero or Villain Bash

Published by Lynetta Yerby

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Comic books and Halloween both capture the imagination. Put a twist on the average Halloween Party by enmeshing a Super Hero theme.

Comic Book Villain Halloween Party: Setting the Scene

Pretend a super villain like Dr. Doom or Magneto is throwing a macabre bash at the party location. Send out invitations as if the villain himself is inviting the guest. Encourage comic book-themed costumes and offer a costume contest with prizes.

For graphic novel-themed Halloween décor, hang up pictures from infamous villain scenes, such as the creepy events found on IGN’s Top 10 Villainous Moments. Several comic book adaptations exist from horror movies such as Halloween and the Boogeyman. Sprinkle copies of these comic books around the party locale to set the macabre mood.

Carve the Bat symbol into Pumpkins and put a bowl of dry ice inside. It adds an eerie effect. Another fun idea is to fill rubber doctors’ gloves with water, tie them off like a water balloon and freeze them. Then put the frozen gloves in the party punch bowl and refer to them as “Doctor Strange’s hands.”

Comic Book Halloween Party: Games

Who doesn’t like party games? Add these comic book games to the standard Bob For Apples routine to complete the spooky comic book theme.

  • Guess the Joker’s Laugh– Play a tape of a Joker laughing from each Batman movie and give prizes to whoever can accurately guess the actor portraying the Joker for each laugh.
  • Find Cap’s Body– In a nod to the recent Death of Captain America, hide a blood-covered Captain America action figure somewhere in the house and award a prize for whoever finds it.

Comic Book Costumes for Halloween

Super hero/villain costumes are arguably the most fun part of a Comic Book Halloween Party. Marvel Comics has a catalog of over 5,000 characters alone, in addition to thousands of DC, Image, Dark Horse and myriad of independent comic book characters. There’s plenty of characters to dress up as, from obscure Zero Girl to the most popular Superman. If you’re going as a couple, check out 12 Comic Costume Ideas for Couples.

Super Hero Halloween Food

Handing out candy to kids is a must for a Comic Book Halloween. Try Spiderman’s Web of Villains Chocolates and Batman Giant Gummy Bats candy to complete the comic book Halloween theme. For finger foods for guests, get Joker cupcakes and Dr. Doom cookies. Pretty much any pastry with a villain painted on it will do.

With a little thought and creativity, comic books and Halloween easily merge for a night of fun macabre villainy.

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