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Host a Fabulous Adult Halloween Party

Published by Idella Radich

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Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, so impress your friends and family this year by hosting a fabulous Halloween party. When it comes to planning your party there are a few things to consider, for instance, the theme of the party and the decorations. Always remember that every great Halloween party must have some awesome decorations. Listed below are a few great ideas that will help you plan your fabulous Halloween party.


When you think about throwing a fabulous Halloween party, the planning starts with the invitations that you send out. The invitations will set the tone for the type of Halloween party that you want to have. Your invitations should indicate whether or not there is a theme and if everyone should wear a costume. If there is going to be a prize for the best costume, please make it known in the invitation. A great place to order invitations online is the Invitation Box. They do personalized invitations ranging from spooky to scary, you can choose invitations like haunted houses and grave yards or they can personalize it a little more by adding the creepy cocktail recipe for the night of the party on the invitations. If you have any questions or concerns, they have a very friendly customer service staff that can be reached at (866) 862-7382 or you can order online at www.invitationbox.com


Having a theme for your Halloween party can be lots of fun and you will be amazed by the creativity of some of your guests. For Halloween there are several options when it comes to choosing a theme for your party, you can do a grave yard theme, where everyone has to dress up like something that you would expect to see in a grave yard like ghosts, or vampires. A great place to go for all of your Halloween needs is Party City because they offer such a large selection on everything that you will need to host a fabulous Halloween party.

They have Halloween party umbrella picks to garnish the cocktails, they also have shot glasses with skeletons and spiders, plus skull beer mugs and spider wine goblets. If you’re going to be serving wine by the bottle, they have labels that say things like blood brew in which you can put on a bottle of red wine. You can also find a variety of Halloween serving platters and bowls as well as inflatable skeleton and pumpkin coolers for the beer.


Having great decorations will play a very important role in the success of your Halloween party. There are several different things that you can do to decorate inside and outside of your home. At Party City you can find decorations for your yard like inflatable pumpkins, grave yard kits and skeletons that light up, and they’re all priced for under $30. On the inside of your home, you can set the mood with candles or replace the light bulbs with colored bulbs. You can also decorate the inside of your home with glow in the dark hanging spiders and rats and bloody gauze streamer and your bathroom can be decorated with Halloween towels and soap dispensers.


Everyone loves to take part in some fun games at a party. When it comes to fun Halloween games Party City has several games to choose from. One of my favorites is the Beer Pong game, this is a drinking game that makes your competitor drink every time you bounce a ball in their cup. The Beer Pong game include 2 paddles, 2 pongs and 2 game mats.

Tangled is another great game that will be enjoyed by your guests. This game is a Halloween Twister game that includes one spinner board and a spider web game mat and the last person standing wins.

Both of these wonderful games are priced under $8 at Party City and you can also purchase trophies and ribbons for under $5 each to pass out to all of the winners.

Party Favors

Everyone enjoys party favors and you can greet each of your guests as they arrive with things like a skull bracelet or bracelets and pumpkin necklaces that light up or glow in the dark. When it comes to choosing party favors your options are endless at Party City.

As you can see Party City has everything that you will need to host a fabulous Halloween party and During the Halloween season Party City is offering free delivery for all online orders of $50 or more. To learn more about this awesome place go www.partycity.com Enjoy your Halloween and be safe!



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