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Hosting a Halloween Party for Dogs

Published by Randy Haseltine

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As October approaches, Halloween lovers are already making plans for their favorite holiday; however, Halloween isn’t just a human holiday anymore. Your canine companions can also enjoy a night of howling at the moon, at their very own Halloween party. Throwing a Halloween party for your dog can be fun, but at the same time can be challenging. Below you will find a few tips on hosting a “grreart” dog Halloween party.

The space
As a pet owner, you are aware how chaotic it can be when you have a group of highly energetic dogs all together in a small space. To avoid the chaos be sure there is plenty of room for the dogs to run and play. The amount of space you will need will vary depending on the number of dogs that are attending your party and their size. It’s equally important for the space to be safe.

The costumes
For humans Halloween is all about dressing up, and there isn’t anything cuter than a dog in a tutu. But it’s important to keep the dog’s safety and comfort in mind. You should be sure to supply an area where your guests can store their dog’s costumes should they have to remove them.

You may also want to have some extra costumes on hand for those that do not have one. These costumes do not have to be expensive, and can even be homemade. Something as simple as three or four pipe cleaners, two cotton balls, and a little bit of glue can make a cute little hat for any dog or human.

The treats
What would Halloween be without the treats? For this party you will need treats for both the dogs and their human chaperons. You should provide your canine guests with plenty of food and water. However, some dogs require a special diet, so I would suggest preparing the food in small disposable dishes. This way the owner can decide how much food their dog gets and how often. When it comes to water, you should provide several large bowls of cool, fresh water. How many bowls should be determined by the number and size of the dogs.

Doggy bags
“Doggy bags” are little party favors for your canine guest. It’s Halloween, so there are a few containers you can choose to hold the party favors. You could use small “trick-or-treating” baskets or buckets that can be bought at nearly every outlet store. However, if you wanted to be more creative you could even use something like “dog poop-bags” as your container. Not only will your guests find it funny, but they are cheap and reuse-able. Inside them you can include things like edible dog treats, edible human snacks, and a Halloween themed dog toy.

The festivities
It’s important to plan activities for both the dogs and the humans that will be attending your Halloween party. Remember that dogs tend to have short attention spans, especially when other dogs are around, so you will want all activities for the dogs to be short and simple.

Puppy parade
A puppy parade is quick, simple, and fun for everyone involved. You should schedule the parade at the beginning of your Halloween party, doing this should help ensure most of the dogs are still in costume. The parade will allow everyone to show off their costumes and allow for great photo opportunities.

Memory game
A great game for your human party goers is a memory game. This is a quick and simple game that pretty much anyone can play. All you need is a tray and some Halloween themed dog items. Place that tray on a table visible for everyone. Tell your guests that the person that can remember the most items from that tray in the allotted time will win a door prize. Once the time is up remove the tray (without warning), gather your guests and provide them with a piece of paper and pen. Give them a few minutes to list the items, then collect the answers and award the prize.

There are many fun and exciting things you can do to entertain the guest at your “Howl-O-Ween” party. The most important things to remember are to have fun and keep both your human and canine guests safe.



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