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Hosting a Pot Luck Thanksgiving Meal with a Large Family

Published by Laurence Lucchesi

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Thanksgiving is a great time to share and be with family. One great to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner is by having a Pot Luck. Hosting a Pot Luck Thanksgiving meal can be very fun and can help get the whole family involved. Pot lucks can be done easily if you prepare and communicate with everyone. A Pot Luck Thanksgiving meal is a big one to prepare and there are always some problems that may come up. One common problem that happens at potlucks is that you have guests that bring the same dish and then you end up with no variety. Another problem that happens during potlucks is that there is not enough food especially for a large family. Have no fear though; there are easy ways to avoid these problems. Here are some ways you can successfully hot a Pot Luck Thanksgiving meal with a large family without having any problems.

Create a list and ask your guests what they would like to bring

The easiest way to avoid having your guests bring the same items is to make a list on who is bringing what. A good way to do this is send an e-mail out, call them on the phone, or sit down and write a list with them. If you want to make the Turkey for your party it is a good thing to have the list made and put your name down under Turkey to claim that dish.

Communicate and double check with your guests on what they are bringing

Another good way to avoid having more than one of the same dishes, and not having enough food is to communicate to your guests. Once you have the list of who is bringing what you should see if anyone has the same dish. Then you can either send out another e-mail or call that person and ask them if they would like to bring another dish. When you communicate to your guests you should also let them know how many people will be at your party so they will know how much to make. Let them know it will be a large dinner and to let them know an estimate number of guests that will be going.

Have a few backup dishes

Another way to avoid not having variety in your dishes or not having enough food at your party is to always have a few backup dishes. Look at your list and see what dishes are not on it and make a few extra dishes. That way you will have plenty of food at your potluck, and a variety.

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