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Hosting the Perfect Halloween Party: Start with a Scavenger Hunt

Published by Mimi Escober

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Hosting a Halloween party can be one of the most fun things you can do as a family. Believe it or not, hosting a Halloween party does not have to be expensive. You can go all out or keep it simple and still have a great Halloween party.

Over the years, I have had many Hallow e’en parties that people still talk about. From the incantation to the disappearing guests, my Halloween party was anything but boring. Throw in a coffin, complete with a body, dripping blood, and a few murders the Halloween party could turn into an all out block party.

A good Halloween party always starts with the decorations. Might I suggest putting up anything you don’t want broke. After all breakables are safe, bring on the web. There can never be enough cob webs. String them over everything. Save some for later, you will need it. If it is feasible, take down any curtains you can. Unscrew all light bulbs or replace them with black lights and strobe lights. FYI: Strobe lights and alcohol can cause things to get messy. So it might be a good idea to kill the strobe after about an hour into the Halloween party.

At my Halloween parties, the windows were usually “boarded up” with painted card board. I will leave a window or two open just a little so the breeze can blow the webbing. As for the centerpieces and table decorations, cheap plastic bowls and butter bowls that have been spray painted black and filled with “blood” are great. Add a few floating body parts and all is well.

No Halloween party is complete without a scavenger hunt. I always divide the guests into two teams. Supply them with a list , a time to return, and send them on their way. My lists always have 13 items. Points are awarded for originality. Here is the list I use.
1) Something Black
2) Something Orange
3) Something Big
4) Something Small
5) Witch’s Brew
6) Murder Weapon
7) Murder Victim
8) Witch’s Broom
9) Something Dead
10) Something Rotten
11) A Body Part
12) A Missing Person
13) A Spell Book

I have gotten everything from a 2 liter of Pepsi to a road kill raccoon. So be prepared and keep a sense of humor.

As for special effects for your Halloween party, make your own. Simple string tied to the bathroom door can open a shower curtain to reveal a body. HINT: Replace body with real guest half way through the Halloween party. Prepare for the scream.

Another good one is to have “arms” hanging in the windows that are open. Part way through the party, replace the “arms” with a real person. When someone is by the window, let the real person grab the guest. Again, make sure to warn the neighbors you are having this Halloween party.

With a simple recorder, you can make your own scary soundtrack. It can be a lot of fun. I always let the kids do this part. They have a great imagination and I always find myself asking them how they made that noise.

The final part is any Halloween party is the food. Usually when the guests are out on the scavenger hunt, I set up the buffet. Scattering the table with fake body parts and some plastic rodents puts a finishing touch on a super feast.

Go back at this point and double check the webbing. Add some more or re-do them if needed.

I hope this short article gives you a few good ideas on how to have a fun Halloween party that makes an impact on all your ghouls and guys.



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