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Hot Halloween Party Ideas

Published by Refugio Stolfi

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It’s that time of year again! Making your Halloween Party the talk of the town for decades is number one on your holiday agenda, and this is the place to be for all of your needs. From spooky foods to skeletons lounging in a pool of blood in your bath tub, this article is sure to help you have a spook-tastic celebration. The following ideas are not for the feint of heart! If sending all of your guests home with nightmares is your main goal, then read on, and enjoy setting up the biggest fright fest in your neighborhood!

Search the Internet for the types of spooky food that you would like to serve at your gathering. Here I will list some favorites of mine, each recipe CAN be found on the web! Gross foods are sure to be a big hit at your party, so feel free to mix and match them!

Brain Shrimp Dip- If the recipe is done precisely, you will have an appetizer that will have your guests running from the table!

Edible Bleeding Heart- As shown on an episode of Penn & Teller, this favorite literally bleeds when sliced into!

Witch’s Fingers- When I first looked at the photo that I found that accompanied the recipe, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would be able to gag down or not! These treats are absolutely realistic!

Dried Scabs- No need to look for this one, merely fill a glass bowl with dried cherries and offer them to your guests as dried scabs.

Bat Wings- Nothing more than chicken wings, but suggest otherwise and watch them cringe!

Spider Bites- Using melted chocolate, pipe spiders onto waxed paper and let them chill. Peel them off slowly. I suggest that when piping them on, make the detailed legs thick enough so they won’t break apart when removing them.

Corpse Chips- Find a small box that you can fashion into the shape of a coffin, then line with fabric or spray paint it so it looks like a coffin. Use one of the small rubber/plastic skeletons that you can find around Halloween and lay it inside. Then scatter chips over and around the skeleton, and place a small bowl of your choice of dips between the skeleton’s legs. Guests will be dying to try this appetizer on for size!

Evil Eyes- Although these seem a tad tedious to make, the overall effect is well worth the effort!

Along with spooky foods, it’s always a great idea to include spooky beverages. Purchasing a medium sized black cauldron for your “beverages”, you can add an eerie effect by searching the internet for tips on using dry ice in drinkable liquids. Glow-in-the-dark sticks are a great way to make individual servings look creepy, it’s best to use light colored drinks in a clear container and add a stick to each one to make them glow. Anything that is blood-red in color, or ectoplasmic green will suit your ghoulish intentions. Add gummy worms to ice cube trays before freezing to use in your selected cold beverages. For a twist, drop in small plastic spiders and creepy insects also. For serving, you may wish to put your cold beverages in a see through punch bowl. Fill a powder free latex glove with water and tie a knot in the end a week before the party. Freeze until just before serving the punch, then run under warm water for 10-15 seconds just to loosen the glove a bit. Remove the glove by cutting it away, then drop the hand into your punch bowl. The punch bowl should be shallow enough so that your hand can still be seen above the liquids.

For decorating, use your imagination! Dim your bathroom lights, and spray the bath tub with non-stick cooking spray. Fill it with water, and add a few packets of cherry gelatin until it turns nice and red. Add a life sized skeleton lounging in the pool of blood, and you’re guaranteed to meet your scream quota. Likewise, you can place these life sized skeletons anywhere, in bed reading a book, or lounging in a recliner with a remote in one hand. The key is to keep the lights within the home dimmed enough so that the guests are at a heightened state for their senses. Drape cobwebs in areas that the guests aren’t likely to see them, but will feel them brushing against their bodies as they move around. Spiders dangling from fishing line from the ceiling at around 5 and a half feet from the floor is another screamer. The sky is the limit with decorating, if you can imagine it, it can be done!

Plan a few games that will allow your guests to use their imaginations. Fill Halloween goodie bags with different disgusting textures and pass them around. While doing so, tell the guests what is inside, and watch them scream! The most common objects that can be used are peeled grapes for eyes, cold spaghetti for brains, and a slightly warmed piece of roast about the size of a tongue tossed in for good measure.

When it comes to Halloween parties, ideas are easy to implement for the most part. The best time for a party is early evening after the sun has started to set. A dark sky sets the mood for a party perfectly! Last but certainly not least, make or buy a CD of Halloween songs and sounds to play in the background of the festivities. Nothing is sure to chill the bones more than the sound of a wolf howling in the background to the tune of a thousand rolls of thunder! Happy Haunting!



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