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How Halloween is Celebrated Around the World

Published by Idella Radich

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Plus Halloween Safety Tips for Children

Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays and is enjoyed by children all across the world.

Halloween began in Ireland where the children dress up in costumes and spend the evening going around door to door trick-or-treating. Bonfires are lit and parties are planned all across the country. Games are set up for the kids like bobbing for apples and a treasure hunt. A type of fruit cake known as barnback is made as a traditional food for Halloween. A treat is wrapped in the middle of the cake. If a ring is found in the cake, it is said that the person is soon to be wed.

America celebrates Halloween on October 31st by decorating houses and carving jack o’ lanterns to sit on their porch. Children dress in an array of costumes and walk the neighborhoods trick-or-treating for candy treats. It is a fun and exciting night for kids all around.

Halloween in China is known as Teng Chieh. In their tradition, they place water and food in front of photos of their loved ones who has passed on. They light lanterns and bonfires to light a path for the spirits that travel the earth on Halloween night. In the Buddhist temples, worshippers fashion “Boats of the Law,” made of paper, which is later burned. This is done as a remembrance of the dead to free spirits from Pretas. Pretas are spirits of those who have died by either an accident or drowning, and their bodies were never buried. Invited to this ceremony are the monks, they bring offerings of fruit and spiritual verses.

In France, Halloween is known as La fete d’ Halloween. They do not celebrate the holiday to honor the departed. Halloween was virtually unknown in this country until 1996, due to it being an American holiday, and some French natives refuse to celebrate it. It is not known if they are going to consider keeping the holiday long-term, but for now they wear costumes and attend parties. The local bakeries and candy shops make special desserts for the holiday and supermarkets sell pumpkins. Since pumpkins are not commonly sold in France, they are in high demand around the holiday for jack o’ lanterns. Trick-or-treating is very rare in this country, but when they do it is from store to store, not house to house.

In Germany, residents just pack away all their knives. They do this just for Halloween night to insure the safety of themselves and the returning spirits.

Alla Helgons is the name for Halloween in Sweden. They celebrate this holiday from October 31st thru November 6th. A hallows eve is recognized here where all workdays are shorter. School kids and college students do not attend the Friday before Halloween because it is known as a vacation day.

10 Safety Tips for Halloween:

Always carry a flashlight.
Stay on the sidewalks.
Stay in neighborhoods you know.
Make sure your costumes don’t drag the ground.
Only go to houses that have a porch light on.
Wear reflective clothing.
Make sure you can see through the mask. (If wearing one)
Always have an adult with you at all times.
Do not eat the candy until an adult checks it.
Make sure the costumes fit so you won’t trip and get hurt.

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