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How to Apply and Remove Halloween Makeup

Published by Emelina Hopskins

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It’s Halloween! It is that time of the year again when we get the excuse to be anyone or anything we want to be for a night. Read up on these tips to help you achieve your own Halloween look.

Start with a clean face. Actually, this is true for any type of makeup application. A clean face will get the best results and make whatever you put on your face last longer.

If you intend to use latex makeup, do an allergy test first. Do it a day or two before the actual event so you can have some time to think up of Plan B in case you do have an allergic reaction to the latex. Apply it to the back of your hand or even a small area on your face to check. It is also a good idea to practice your makeup ahead of time. Unless you are a professional, you will not be able to get everything right the first time around and you will not be too hurried on the actual day.

Keep the hair out of your face. Tie it back or keep it under a shower cap while you are doing your makeup. Latex makeup can be a bit of a hassle getting out of your hair and clothes. If you are aiming for your hair to be dramatically black, for example, any flecks of stray color will ruin the whole effect. Use a towel to protect your clothes while you apply your facial special effects. Accidents or spills are likely to happen, so have tissues and wipes ready. For the guys, you might want to shave off beards or mustaches especially if they’re not going to be part of your ensemble.

For people with sensitive skin, use hypoallergenic foundation instead of face paint. Choose a shade several times lighter than your natural skin tone for that “pale as ghost” look. If you need to hide eyebrows or lips, use a concealer before putting on the layers of foundation. To add details on your face, use eye shadows, blush, shimmers, or bronzers. It is a great chance to use up those shades you do not usually wear. Use lighter shades for the parts of your face you want to be prominent and dark shades for those you want to look sunken or receding. For added effects like dripping blood, nothing beats red food color and corn syrup. Try toothpaste if you want to be foaming at the mouth. It will also keep you minty fresh for the night.

For powder makeup, you can easily wash it off with soap and water or your preferred facial wash. Use baby wipes for sensitive areas like the eyes, mouth, and ears. If you opted for makeup kits, instructions for removing the cosmetics should also be inside or with the packaging, but they mostly require cold cream for removal. It will take more than one application to get your face cleaned, though.

Latex Halloween makeup can be easily peeled off from your skin after. Wash your face with soap and water especially if there are bits and pieces still left. Applying moisturizer after cleansing is also a good idea. This way your skin will be replenished of lost moisture from being under all that heavy makeup.

Article Resource: Elena Bautista

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