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How to Be Hermione Granger for Halloween

Published by Irina Spinoza

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Anyone who enjoys Harry Potter knows the loveable, know-it-all Hermione Granger. She can tell you about any spell that will save your life, a famous wizard who has been in your shoes, what potion to brew in case you need to transform into someone else and best of all which book she read it in. Now, with autumn approaching, you can be Hermione Granger for Halloween. All it takes is a little bit of magic!

  1. Wardrobe
    Of course, you can’t pull off being this knowledgeable witch without wearing appropriate Hogwarts attire (Gryffindor, to be exact). Official Gryffindor ties can be bought online by Warner Bros, but they can be pretty pricey. Instead JC Penneyhas striped ties for $15 that come in maroon and gold and look like the real deal.

Now most would opt for a cloak or robe (easily found at Party City), but if you want to look more casual you can always where a gray V-neck sweater over a white button-up collared shirt. You can buy Harry Potter patches for cheap on eBay to put on your sweater. If you’re a female, a black pleated skirt, gray socks and flats are perfectly fine. For men, black slacks and dress shoes are best.

  1. Hair
    Hermione’s hair is so big. It’s full of secrets! Now excusing the Mean Girls reference, in order to achieve this bushy look, you don’t need to buy a wig. Simply get a pick or comb and sit in front of the mirror. Take a segment of your hair that can fit between your index and middle finger and tease the section. If you have never teased your hair before, basically you hold the ends of your hair up and quickly brush the pick from the middle of your hair to the scalp. It will look like you’re scrunching your hair, which is exactly the point. After you do this all the way around, your hair will be so big, everyone will know who you are.

If you’re too afraid to tease your hair and want to be a more stylish Hermione, you can curl or crimp it. You can also use hair products that give it more volume and more definition.

  1. Make-Up
    Hermione is not the princess of Gryffindor and obviously cares more about her marks on her O.W.L.s rather than her looks. This is good because that means you don’t have to pile heavy make-up on (after all, you’re no Lavender or Pansy). Simply get neutral colors for your eye shadow because you want a natural look. Similarly don’t go to heavy on the eye liner or mascara. You don’t want to be the out-of-canon Hermione who is going clubbing on a Friday night with all the Gryffindor gals.
  2. Accessories
    You cannot be a witch without a wand. Again, WBhas official wands for sale that are incredibly expensive. Party City, on the other hand, has an adorable wand that lights up at the end as if you’re casting your patronus or simply saying “lumos”. Mainstream toy stores will most likely have these wands. If all else fails and you are reading this because you forgot to get a wand, grab a chopstick or anything that resembles a wand. If you walk around with the attitude that it is wand (yelling out spells and enchantments at your friends), others will gladly accept that it is a wand.

Now, you cannot forget that you are no ordinary witch. You are Hermione Jane Granger, the brightest witch of your age. This means you need a book to carry around! And what better book then “Hogwarts: A History”? After all, she did take it with her to help find the horcruxes. Take any book you don’t mind messing with that is preferably large. Cover it with a brown paper bag (Remember how you used to make book covers in grade school? Just like that.) and simply decorate it. To make it feel a tad more authentic, remember to add that it is by the famous wizard, Chroniculus Punnet.

  1. Just for Fun
    This is optional, but it might be fun to find someone to dress up as Ronald Weasley as your trick-or-treat partner. Of course, he is not an accessory, but it would be a nice addition to make you even more of a perfect Hermione. Another extra tip would be to speak with a British accent the entire night of Halloween. Make sure you add in quotes from the books and films and sneak in a spell or two!

These are just a few tips on how to be Hermione Granger, everyone’s favorite bushy haired witch. and if you follow them, hopefully you’ll find that even though you’re a muggle, you can be an incredibly charming witch yourself.

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