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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Campus: Cooking a Meal with Friends and Other Ideas for College Students

Published by Walton Leonor

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While some college students choose to go home or visit friends and relatives for Thanksgiving, other students choose to stay on campus. Even if students remain on their campuses, there are still several ways these students can celebrate the holiday and eat Thanksgiving food. And, spending Thanksgiving Day on campus can be a fun experience for these students. The following sections describe ways students can celebrate Thanksgiving on campus.

Cook a Thanksgiving Meal With Friends and Roommates

Students who live in apartments, houses, or dorm rooms with kitchens can cook a Thanksgiving meal. These students can invite their roommates and friends to join them in cooking the meal. Cooking and preparing the meal can be just as much fun as eating the meal itself. Each student can make his or her favorite Thanksgiving food item. And, gluten-intolerant students can make their own gluten-free Thanksgiving foods.

Host a Thanksgiving Party for Other Students Who are on Campus

To celebrate Thanksgiving, students can host Thanksgiving parties for their friends and other students who are on campus. A Thanksgiving party can include Thanksgiving-themed decorations, like cornucopias, Thanksgiving-themed food and drinks, like pumpkin pie and cranberry cocktails, and Thanksgiving-themed games, like harvest trivia. The hosts can ask their guests to bring an item that they are thankful for having, and each guest can explain their selection at the party.

Attend a College-Hosted Thanksgiving Dinner and Celebration

Many colleges host Thanksgiving Day dinners for students who remain on campus. Students can check their college websites for information on these dinners. Also, some dorms and student organizations might host Thanksgiving dinners and parties for students staying on campus. In addition to college websites, students can check out their school newspapers and message boards for information on these events.

Go to an On-Campus Restaurant That Serves Thanksgiving Food

Restaurants often feature Thanksgiving food on their menus on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, students can check out the restaurants on their campuses to find a place that will serve a Thanksgiving meal. Students can consult their campus or city newspapers for information on local restaurants. These students can then share this information with their friends and roommates who are also staying on campus.

Whether they choose to stay in or go out, there are several ways college students can celebrate Thanksgiving Day on their campuses. A student can invite friends over to cook a meal, or they can host a Thanksgiving party. Also, a student can attend a college-hosted Thanksgiving event or go to a local restaurant to eat a Thanksgiving meal.

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