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How to Create a Blackboard Anywhere, on Anything: Keep Track of Messages or Contetns With Chalkboard Paint

Published by Devin Tuzzo

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It’s easy to take advantage of washable chalkboard paint to create a message centre on a wall, or erasable ‘labels’ on storage tins or even clay pots to help you track of messages, what’s stored inside, or what kind of plant you’ve planted. Here are a few ways you can utilize this useful paint:


A giant blackboard on a kitchen wall will keep track of your grocery lists, appointments, and important telephone numbers. You can make this in less time than you think: mark off an area with painter’s tape, then apply four coats using a foam roller for a smooth finish or just spray on several coats of spray paint. Three hours later, the “board” will be ready to remind and inspire.

If your kitchen is small, paint a cabinet door to use as your message centre. Have a local supplier custom-cut a sheet of plywood to fit your refrigerator. Paint it and then attach it to the fridge with construction adhesive. Finish it off with 1×2 pine strips.

Window or Picture Frames

Weathered window frames can be turned into attractive blackboards. Carefully remove the old glass from the frames and cut a piece of smooth plywood to fit the frame. Paint the board with the blackboard paint and attach it to the frame in place of the glass.

For a more formal look to a hallway, frame a large, painted piece of plywood with a vintage or antique picture frame and hang it up wherever everyone can view it. A large, very heavy one can be simply placed on the floor and leaned against the wall.

Coffee Can Labels

Paint a chalkboard label on empty coffee cans with lids to keep track of their contents. When you change the contents all you have to do is erase the lable name and replace it with the new items you are now storing.

Vintage Slate Boards

If you can’t or aren’t inclined to use blackboard paint on walls and furniture, you can find vintage slate boards at antique stores or flea markets. You can buy new ones at toy or school-supply stores. Assign one for each family member and hang them near the back door for easy access.

Let the kids keep track of their own appointments by hanging miniature blackboards on their bedroom doors at a height they can easily reach. Or you can paint the bottom half of their bedroom door.

Storage or Toy Boxes

To create erasable front to wooden storage or toy boxes, apply a couple of coats to the front of theboxes that are used to hold toys, hobby supplies or other household items. Kids can also use this as a drawing board.

Erasable Cheese Tray

At your next wine and cheese, display and label your cheeses in an inventive way by painting the bottom of a wooden tray with blackboard paint. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to re-label. This tray can also function as a neat activity centre for the kids during car trips.

Clay Pots

When growing herbs in clay pots, keep track of what they are by painting the pots with blackboard piant. Apply several coats to keep it moisture proof.

Coffee Table

A chalkboard coffee table can double as a drawing surface in the family room and keep small kids occupied while you’re busy in the kitchen.

Keep chalk handy in a small bag hanging on the doorknob close at hand.

Besides blackboard message centres, you can also create a bulletin_board from other materials.

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