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How to Create Creepy Halloween Makeup Effects: Part 2

Published by Wilford Witvoet

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General Make Up Tips

You’ve been invited to a Halloween costume party and you really want to do it in style. You’ve already decided on a creepy costume and the only thing you need is some great makeup to complete your look and really scare the other party goers. Here are some basic makeup tips to help you.

  1. Your Skin – I always start with my skin tone, then move on to the accents. For most horror makeup a paler skin tone is very effective. Look for something that will give you a washed out or dead appearance. I prefer Deathly Pallor by Ben Nye Makeup, but the people at you local costume shop can help you find the best shades and products for you.
    • Make sure your skin is clean and dry. I scrub with a pair of exfoliating gloves to make sure my skin is ready.
    • I use my fingers for the initial application and then use a makeup sponge to even everything out if needed.
    • Pat a little bit of color onto your finger tips and then smooth it out over the area you want to cover. Work with small amounts of makeup at a time. Trying to cover the entire area in one shot will lead to an uneven tone.
    • When working with your face, the look is most effective if you cover every area of exposed skin. I apply my makeup to my face, neck, ears, behind my ears, and the back of my neck.
    • Once I’m done applying my makeup, I gently pat the area with a makeup sponge to blot away any uneven spots
  2. Shading – Shading can add an even creepier look to your makeup. You can hollow out your cheeks, make yourself look more sinister, make yourself look older and add depth to any appliances you’re going to use. All you need to do is follow the natural contours of your face. I either use some straight grey or mix a little bit of grey with my base color.
    • Cheeks- Start just below the bone and move down to roughly even with the corner of your mouth, leaving a little space between your mouth and the shaded area.
    • Temples- I start near the edges of my eyebrows and work in a semi-circular pattern to my hairline. I use the top of my cheekbone as a guide for the bottom border of my temples and follow the soft spots at the sides of my face for the area to be shaded. The areas around the bone should be darker than the portions that you are fanning out.
    • Eyes- Use the bottom of your eyebrows for the top border and use the edges of your eye sockets as a guide for the rest.
    • Wrinkles – Adding some shading to the creases of your nostrils, the lines between your eyebrows, and your smile lines can add even more depth and a sinister look to your makeup.
    • Hands – Putting shading in the areas between your fingers and the bones in your hand will really crank up the creepy
  3. Accents – Here’s the fun part. Just let your imagination run wild. You can add some dark red around your eyelids and dark red or black to trace the veins in your hands, neck and face to create a feral look. Experiment and have fun with your accents. My only advice would be to remember that your accents should be subtle. Remember, less is more.
  4. Finishing – Finally, you need to set your makeup. I prefer Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Colorless Powder, but even baby powder will work. Gently pat it onto the makeup with a makeup sponge. Be careful, too much powder will make your makeup appear shiny. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup.
  5. Clean up – I try to avoid grease paint, as it is a hassle to wash off. The Ben Nye line will wash off with soap and water, as will most high quality lines of costume makeup.

If you take your time with your makeup, you can create a look that will impress and scare the people around you. Most importantly, remember to have fun.



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