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How to Decorate the Thanksgiving Dinner Table: Get the Whole Family Involved in Cheap, Fun Table Decor Projects

Published by Clement Buday

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At Thanksgiving, the traditional dinner is usually the center of attention. It seems appropriate, then, to show it off with a fun and attractive table setting. Decorations for the Thanksgiving dinner table make for fun craft projects for any age, and are sure to be a hit on the big day.

Cut-Out Leaves Is a Craft Project for All Ages

A bunch of paper leaves in vivid fall colors is great for scattering across the table. All that’s needed is a pair of scissors (safety scissors, for the little ones); construction paper in varying shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow; and real leaves or pictures of leaves to serve as templates. More advanced artists can decorate their leaves with pens, markers, or paint. For little hands, think about finger paint and food coloring to make the whole adventure that much more fun for preschool aged children.

Leaves are naturally imperfect, so paper leaves need not be perfect either – in fact, they’re more realistic if they are not. Emphasizing this fact can help keep smaller children from becoming discouraged if their cut-outs don’t turn out exactly how they had anticipated.

Cornucopias are Perfectly Suited for Thanksgiving Table Decor

A cornucopia is a popular centerpiece during Thanksgiving. This traditional decoration is a basket woven into a sort of horn shape, filled with prettily arranged harvest bounty like small ears of corn and miniature squash. This by itself is an ideal centerpiece, but one may take the decoration a step further by making a tiny cornucopia filled with candy or other treats for each person. Miniature cornucopia baskets may be purchased relatively cheaply from many craft stores.

Paper Turkeys Can’t be Eaten but Make Fun Decorations

The same paper used for leaves can make pretty paper turkeys to be used in place settings. A fine tail may be made by tracing hand prints onto sheets of paper, cutting them out, and gluing them together at different angles. Once that’s completed, a turkey neck, head, and waddle may be drawn onto the topmost layer with pen or marker, or else cut out from paper or cardboard and attached for a 3D effect. Take this project one step further by making sure to use recycled papers so the project is not only family and budget friendly, but kind to Mother Earth as well.

Decorations for the Thanksgiving dinner table make fun craft projects for all ages. With these easy and inexpensive ideas, dinner can look as great as it tastes!

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