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How to Draw a Christmas Stocking: A Simple Drawing that Can Turn into Holiday Fun

Published by Jimmy Leben

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Drawing Christmas stockings can become a favorite family tradition. The whole family can gather around the table, draw the outline, below, and then it can be decorated. Artists can use their imagination to decorate the drawing with things such as glitter, beads, fabric, stickers and more. Each stocking can be unique and show the creator’s personality or they can all match with a predetermined theme.

After the crafting is done, each family member can cut out their stockings and hang them as Christmas decorations around the house.

Drawing the Stocking

Here is how to draw a basic stocking.

  1. The artist should choose a large, stiff piece of paper. Craft paper or a sheet of paper from a sketchbook will work great. With a pencil, the artist should draw a ‘J’ shape, as shown in the first illustration. (Click on the images to make them larger.)
  2. The artist should then turn the paper so that the point of the ‘J’ is facing their body. The artist should draw another, smaller ‘J’ shape on the end of the first. One the end of the second ‘J’ shape, the pencil should curve around and down. The line should be finished by drawing a large ‘S’ shape, as shown in the second illustration.
  3. After turning the paper right-side-up, the artist should draw a ‘C’ shaped curve at the end of the ‘S’ shape to be the heel of the Christmas stocking. The line should curve around and then go straight up to finish the ankle of the stocking, as shown in the third illustratio
  4. The cuff of the Christmas stocking is made by drawing a rectangle at the top of the ankle. The top line of the rectangle should be a little larger than the bottom one, and the side lines should slant to connect the two, as shown in the fourth illustration.
  5. To finish the stocking, the artist can go over the pencil lines with a black marker to make the stocking have a cleaner look.

Finishing Touches

The artist can also add patches by drawing curved lines around the heel and toe and putting little dash marks on the curved lines to represent sewing thread. Dashed lines down the center of the stocking and around the cuff add a nice homemade-looking detail to the stocking, as well.

Now that steps 1-5 are done, the stocking is ready to be decorated.

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