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How to Dress like Billy Mays for Halloween!

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

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If you are a fan of the late and infamous pitchman Billy Mays, you may feel like remembering him this Halloween. His untimely death was a shock to many and he will forever be remembered as the man who made products such as Oxi-Clean (my personal favorite) into household essentials. His ability to promote high quality and efficient inventions made him into such a famous face.

Should you decide to dress up like him for Halloween, here are some easy and fun ways to create his signature look and style.

The best part of dressing up like Billy Mays is that he had one, simple signature look he wore when pitching products. In addition, all of the required essentials to pull off the look are likely already in your closet and home.

First, you will need tan khaki pants and a belt. Then get a traditional bright blue work shirt and wear a white t-shirt under it. Be sure to iron everything, as Billy always had a crisp, clean look.

Next, you will need the traditional beard. If you can grow one, be sure to keep it trim and neat. If your hair is another color, get a temporary dye kit for the night; they usually wash out quickly. If you are too young to grow a beard, or female, get some press-on fake facial hair at a local Halloween store, or use dark Halloween make-up to give the impression of a beard.

Wear some nice black dress shoes that are shined and clean.

Billy also always wore a silver watch on his right wrist.

Don’t forget to give the traditional “thumbs-up” sign when ever you enter a room!

Bring along a container of Oxi-clean or another of the products he pitched to finish the look. While Billy Mays became famous over his Oxi-clean and Glo sales pitch, he has sold dozens of products, so you will have your pick.

Lastly, if you really want to pull the look off, be sure to practice his signature smile!



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