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How to Dress like Tyra Banks for Halloween

Published by Silas Colacone

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Tyra Banks is without a doubt one of the most popular supermodels of all time! Not only has she successfully conquered the modeling world, she has also made her mark in the entertainment business with the popularity of America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show. Whether you watch the shows out of pure interest, or to simply see what crazy thing Tyra will say or do next, you can’t deny that she has made her mark in the world. According to New Faces Modeling and Talent, Tyra was turned down by four modeling agencies before Elite Models signed the 17-year-old Tyra. She went on to become the first African-American model to pose solo on the covers of GQ, Victoria’s Secret and the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

So you’d like to dress up as Tyra Banks for Halloween? I think it’s a great choice, and finding a costume should be fun. After all, Tyra has had a huge influence on the fashion world, so you’ll have plenty of choices.

Tyra Banks has seen many fashion changes over her time, and she has always keep up with the latest trends. Not one to be afraid of trying new things, Tyra has made her fair share of fashion mistakes. However, Tyra almost always looks fabulous, and that is the look we’ll focus on here. In addition, we’ll attempt to duplicate her dressed-up, Red Carpet looks, as opposed to her daytime TV look (because, really, who wants to wear a pair of dress slacks for Halloween?).

There are two important factors to consider when choosing your Tyra Banks Halloween costume: color and fabric. First, let’s look at color. Tyra tends to wear a focused palette of colors, primarily consisting of black, camel and red. My personal favorite is the camel color, as it shows off her beautiful skin tone perfectly. When choosing fabrics, Tyra is inclined to select decadent fabrics: silk, velvet, and even suede. If she chooses a printed fabric, she leans toward geometric and modern prints.

A short cocktail dress would be a great choice for a Tyra Banks Halloween costume. Great Tyra-style cocktail dresses can be found at www.edressme.com. This red ruffled cocktail dress is just outrageous enough for Tyra, or you could be more subdued in this champagne dress. If you’d like to go with a print dress, try this one from www.smartbargains.com. Even though these are discount dresses, designer prices can still be steep. You may have better luck at a juniors specialty shop at your local mall, like Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe. They often have pretty cocktail dresses for $40 or less.

When choosing designer replica shoes, my favorite site is www.flyjane.net. Tyra Banks is rarely seen in flats, so try super high stilettos for your Halloween costume. Tyra loves a beautiful shoe, but they aren’t usually outrageous. Stick with a classic stiletto pump or sandal for the most authentic Tyra Banks look.

Tyra’s hair is ever changing, but in recent years her stick straight caramel color has remained popular. If you have super long hair, try working in a smoothing serum while it is still damp, blow drying it as straight as possible and then flat ironing. Don’t already have long locks? Try a wig from www.wigs.com. You can even choose whether or not to have bangs (Tyra is seen both with and without). My favorite is the Jazelle (with bangs) in color T27/1B. For makeup, be sure to use a good bronzer to get a glow like Tyra. Add liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes for a dramatic look. Depending on the colors in your outfit, you can choose a red lip for a theatrical look, or keep it natural. Always use gloss to make your lips shine no matter which color you choose!

Finally, Tyra loves a little “bling”, so your Halloween costume should have some great jewelry. Try looking at local accessory stores like Claire’s or The Icing for good fake jewelry. The more shine, the better! Try chandelier earrings and a pendant necklace with a couple of big rings.

Most importantly, make sure to show the confidence that Tyra has. With these tips for a great Tyra Banks Halloween costume, you can’t go wrong!

Tyra Banks-SUPERMODEL“, New Faces Models and Talent



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