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How to Dress like Zohan for Halloween

Published by Shaun Azbell

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When it comes to popular Halloween costumes this year, one is probably easier to pull off than all the rest: Zohan, from this year’s You Don’t Mess With The Zohan film. Played by comedic favorite Adam Sandler, Zohan is an Israeli ex-commando who fakes his own death to pursue his dream career as a hairstylist in NYC. His 80s/Disco-inspired duds and funky hairstyle make him a lovably quirky character. And, one big plus: you can probably dress like the Zohan with stuff you have around the house.

The Clothes

The clothes are easy – just think flashy and over-the-top. Get an old pair of jeans, and cut them off. If you don’t have any around the house, you can get a pair at Goodwill pretty inexpensively. Remember cut-off shorts that are a little too short? That’s it. Although he wears other pants (solid white pants would work, too), the cut-offs are his staple. Zexy! For the shirt, you can take it one of two ways – think flowing, over-the-top long-sleeved button down or too-tight sleeveless t-shirt. Either one will pull off the Zohan look. If you go with the long-sleeved button down shirt, you might want to leave two (or three or four) buttons undone. You’ll also need a pair of socks. Not for your feet, either. Roll them up and stuff them down your pants. If you don’t believe me, check out this image. For shoes, leather sandals will work just fine (such as Birkenstocks).You can add a silver thick chain bracelet or gold thick chain necklace (fake, of course) for extra authenticity. Got it? Now for the hair.

The Hair

If you have longer brown hair and a goatee, then you’re already set. You’ll just need to comb your hair up a bit and add some body. If your hair is not naturally brown or is short, you’ll need a bit of help. For a great wig that will pull off the Zohan look, check here. Some highlights could be added to this wig using blonde temporary Halloween hair dye, which can be found at any retail or Halloween store. A fake goatee can be easily penciled in using short strokes with a soft brown eyeliner pencil, and then later removed with soap and water.

With a little bit of effort and almost no costume expense, you can dress like the Zohan this Halloween. So, work those short shorts and have some fun, whether you’re at a costume contest or knocking them back in the bar.



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