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How to Enjoy The Holidays Without Family

Published by Elwood Dorman

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The holiday season has typically been seen as a time where families get together and revel in the joy of just being together. When most people think of the holidays, they think of children opening up presents under a Christmas tree, the whole family gathered around a menorah, or any kind of gathering that matches your given religion/natural origin.

However, as most of us know, the ideal family is rare, and many people don’t have a family at all, or have a family that is so dysfunctional that it is unnecessarily difficult to spend time with them. But you don’t have to worry! There are plenty of fun things you can do without a family, on the holidays.

Five Holiday Suggestions You Can Do Without Family

1. Enjoy the holidays with your friends! If you don’t have a family, it’s okay to make up a pseudo-family of the people who are closest to you. Mash together all of the holidays that your friends celebrate and have a party for those holidays. For example, you could have a Christmakkah party – bring the dreidels and the Christmas tree and it’s a great time for all!

2. Decorate for the holidays. Who cares if you’ll be the only one enjoying it? You deserve to enjoy it!

3. If you’re feeling apathetic about the holiday season, give yourself the chance to do anything and everything that does not have to do with the holidays. Order in pizza. Ignore the Christmas specials and watch your favourite offensive yet hilarious TV show. Enjoy life just as it would be without any Christmas trees.

4. Get yourself a present! But don’t get yourself that printer you need for work. Indulge your inner child and get something fun to do! If you like crafts, making your own present can be even more fun. And, after all, who can know what you want more than you?

5. Volunteer your time. The holiday season is the perfect time to give to people in need. Whether you like working with disadvantaged children, the homeless, crime victims, or any other category of people in need, you should be able to find some way to aid charities that help these groups of people. Help others and, by doing so, help yourself, instead of leaving these needy people and yourself to suffer. Take a lose-lose situation and turn it into a win-win!

There’s no reason to spend the holidays feeling sorry for yourself – get active and make this the best holiday season that ever was!

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