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How to Have a Great College Thanksgiving Break

Published by Charley Klapperich

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Thanksgiving Break – who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately, these well-earned days off from school can sometimes be stressful. Relationships with parents, family members, and friends change when you go to college, and sometimes these reunions don’t go as well as hoped. And with the end of the semester and final exams in the near future, it can be difficult to relax and enjoy the time off.

Here are some tips to help you have a great Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving Break and Studying

First off, students have to make a decision during Thanksgiving break. Is this a great time to catch up on a little studying? Or is this time to quit studying cold turkey (so to speak) in order to build up a little momentum for final exam week?

Both options are probably legit, depending on a student’s situation. So is the option of balancing a little work and a little play over break. Here are some ideas to help you decide whether or not to study over Thanksgiving break.

Parents, Students, and Thanksgiving Break

When it comes to the relationship with the parents on trips home, results may vary. Some lucky students, who had strong relationships with their parents before they left, continue to do so without much change. But for others it’s not so easy. Some college students are thoroughly frustrated by coming home to rules after all the freedom to being away. Some parents are frustrated by kids who just aren’t the same anymore and who don’t show the same level of respect. For just about everyone, there’s a certain amount of negotiation that has to go on as an adult relationship between parents and kids develops.

Breaks home are a whole lot easier with good communication. Parents and students need to discuss rules, responsibilities, and changing expectations. Here are some tips for sharing great breaks from school with parents.

Friends, Significant Others, and Thanksgiving Break

Coming back home to hang out with friends for break can be an amazing amount of fun. However, people change, and friends who have gone in different directions might not be as close as they used to be. It’s important to treat friendships back home carefully and with realistic expectations. Friends just might not have as much time for each other as they did in high school.

The same is even more true with long distance relationships that get reunited over Thanksgiving Break. Couples need to understand that people change over time. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Break is the time when lots of these relationships suddenly end. Here’s more about this phenomenon, known as the Thanksgiving Dump.

Black Friday and College Students

Does getting up at 2:00 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving to look for bargains sound like a terrible idea? Maybe. But here’s the thing about Black Friday (the name given to the major shopping day that takes place the day after Thanksgiving) is this: crazy as it is, it’s a great way to save money on gits for college friends and gifts for Mom and Dad. It’s also a great time to find discounts on college laptops and other favorite student electronics.

Here’s more about how college students can get the most out of Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving, students! Remember, it’s normal to feel a little stressed out because final exam week is coming soon, and because it’s difficult to negotiate relationships with people back home.

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