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How to Have a Safe Halloween

Published by Silas Colacone

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Halloween is a great day for a lot of children. It is a day when each one gets to dress up like their favorite cartoon character, person, or zombie. The only bad thing about Halloween is that sometimes it really isn’t as safe as what we would like it to be.

Using the buddy system, is a great way to keep kids safe. When using the buddy system, kids travel in groups and they can not leave without the other people in the group. Most strangers are afraid to approach someone if they are with someone else and this allows the other children to run for help in the even that something happens.

Check the candy for any mysterious wrappers or marks. Anything that you can find unusual on the candy should raise an alarm and you should throw away all of the candy immediately. What I do on Halloween is, I purchase a large bag of mixed candy to give to my children after they go trick or treating. I throw away all of the candy that they have gotten while out going from door to door. This is so that I can enjoy the piece of mind of knowing that the children will be safe while enjoying their candy and still making it possible for them to enjoy the holiday with the other children on the streets. I make certain that the children who ride with me, know that the candy can not be eaten until we get back to the house and I will give them the other candy that I purchased for them. Make sure that they understand the reason behind this and make sure that they will also listen to you.

Before going out trick or treating, make sure that each one of the children wear something distinguishing from the other children. I usually tie a red ribbon on their sock or make them wear a red ribbon in their hair. I always make sure that the ribbon shows so that I can see where they are at all times. Places that sell Halloween costumes, sell them by the hundreds and you want to make sure that you can tell each child apart from the others. If you decide to use something distinguishing, make it so that it is visible even in the darker areas.

Halloween can be a joyous occasion but it can also be a dangerous one. There are many articles and tips that you can find on the Internet that will help to keep you child safe on October 31st. and you should listen to them and apply their methods to help safe guard your children. There will be a great multitude of children on the streets this night and it is your goal to make this day safer.

A great place to take your kids trick or treating is to places like parks or amusement parks. Sometimes these places will hold an area for the children to go trick or treating on their grounds so that the children and parents can be safe while still being able to go trick or treating. One place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that offers this is Celebration Station. It holds an area for the children to walk through that gives candy out at each check point. I took my children there last year and they had a blast. This is sort of a promotion for them but it can also offer you a safe way to have Halloween.



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