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How to Have a True Blood Halloween Party

Published by Shondra Hickle

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If you’re a fan of the True Blood TV show, then what better way to celebrate Halloween then by having a True Blood Halloween party? For those that amazingly don’t know, True Blood is a popular show on HBO that is about the life of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, who went from a seemingly normal life (besides having her gift) into a world filled with vampires, shifters and more.

A themed Halloween party is a lot of fun, though I would recommend a True Blood Halloween party only being for adults as the show itself is racy at times. This article will act as your how to and tell you how to put a True Blood party together.

How to Have a True Blood Halloween Party #1: Invitations

Every good party must first start with invitations. Mail invitations give guests a special thrill because everything seems to be done through email and special invite sites. You can either make your own True Blood invitations by putting together pictures from the show and printing them out or you can use already formatted invitations that are posted on the True Blood Wiki website. They have four invitation templates to print and use.

How to Have a True Blood Halloween Party #2: Decorating

Now with decorating, you can do one of two things for a more True Blood feel to a party. You can decorate as Merlotte’s Bar and Grill or Fangtasia. Either theme would work. Merlotte’s is a more relaxed light setting Fangtasia is a more past paced dark one. You can get a piece of white poster board and draw a sign that looks like the sign logo of the place you’ve chosen to mimic. For a picture of Merlotte’s sign, click here and Fangtasia is here. Once you have the sign made for the place you are transforming your home into, you don’t have to have it look exactly the same. It’s the principle behind it and fans of the show will know what look you’re going for. If you’re having a Fangtasia party, buy some fabric in red and black and drape it around chairs and on the tops of tables. Make sure to hang a red cloth on your front door as the front door to Fangtasia is red. Fangtasia has dim lighting. You can have your lights on low or buy a bulb in red or black. They sell these around Halloween and I always love buying one for different lighting for the spooky holiday.

For Merlotte’s, have a couple of bar stools setting around and watch the show to see what other décor you can incorporate into your own party.

Now if you’re having a True Blood Party, then you’ve got to have some bottles of True Blood. You can use empty brown beer bottles or empty AW Root beer bottles or Arizona tea bottles (they are brown and plastic). If you don’t drink beer, ask around and see if anyone you know does that can give you the bottles. If you’ve come across any other bottles that would work, use those. Whatever you do, make sure you clean the bottles exceptionally well. After they are clean, fill the bottles with something like Hawaiian punch, cherry koolaid or some other red drink. You can draw your own True Blood labels or print them out here.

How to Have a True Blood Halloween Party #3: Costumes

On your invitation, make sure to tell guests that they need to come dressed as their favorite True Blood character or as a character that would fit in on True Blood. You can find out how to dress up as Sookie Stackhouse by clicking here, Eric Northman and Bill Compton here, Sam Merlotte and Jason Stackhouse here, Tara Thornton here and MaryAnn Forrester here. Other character suggestions are Layfette, Jessica, Fellowship of the Sun Follower, Steve and Sarah Newlin, etc.

How to Have a True Blood Halloween Party #4: Food

Besides having yummy normal looking food, you should have a few items that look kind of gross and creepy. Make red jello and call it “Bloody Delight.” You can make Rice Krispy treats and dye them red as you’re making them. You can then mold them into any shape you want. Click here for a recipe for witch fingers. You could adapt it and call them vampire fingers.



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