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How to Have a Wrestling Halloween Party: Costumes and Activities

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Wrestling Halloween Costumes

Since costumes feature heavily in pro wrestling, there are many costume ideas that are suitable for anyone looking to have a wrestling Halloween party. For a Sting costume, black and white face paint is needed, along with a long black coat and boots. For a Jeff Hardy costume, any combination of face paint and wild hair colors should work, along with cargo pants and a tank top.

For an Undertaker costume, all that is needed is a black wide-brimmed hat, a long black coat, black outfit and black boots. Black eyeliner is optional. For a Boogeyman costume, red and black face paint and a clock necklace over clothes will work. Don’t forget worms (preferably fake for the sake of other partygoers). For a Kane costume, a black and red outfit and perhaps the old Kane mask are all that is needed.

Halloween costumes of classic wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior would be an interesting touch. For a classic Hulk Hogan costume you need a yellow and red bandana and a yellow shirt that’s easy to tear away when you want to show off your muscles. For The Ultimate Warrior, colorful streamers to tie around your biceps are essential, along with neon face paint and colorful fringes to put on your boots.

Activities for a Wrestling Halloween Party

Wrestling trivia is a good activity for a wrestling theme party. In keeping with the Halloween theme, try to keep most of the questions about supernatural characters in wrestling such as The Undertaker, Kane, The Boogeyman, Gangrel, Papa Shango and so on. Another activity might be to carve pumpkins of your favorite wrestlers and then have guests try to guess which wrestler it is.

Matches involving supernatural wrestlers would be a good form of entertainment for a wrestling Halloween party. The Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches would fit well with the Halloween theme. See No Evil, a movie featuring Kane, would make for a good Halloween film (though it’s suitable for adults only). Another good one would be They Live, an alien movie featuring Roddy Piper.

Food and Drink for a Wrestling Halloween Party

Some refreshments for a wrestling Halloween party might include Tombstone pizza in honor of The Undertaker, gummy worms in a nod to The Boogeyman, red fruit punch as an acknowledgment to Gangrel and the other vampire wrestlers, and red velvet cake in honor of Kane.

All or some of these ideas may be used for a full-fledged wrestling Halloween party, or if you simply want to add a few WWE or TNA bits to your gathering you can pick which ideas are right for you.

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