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How to Help Kids Deal with Halloween Related Phobias

Published by Lorie Marren

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Halloween phobias can consist of fear towards creepy crawlers, spooky ghosts, blood-sucking vampires and all of the other slithery and slimy monsters. Halloween phobias can get in the way of a good night sleep. How to help kids deal with Halloween related phobias? Let us count the ways.

  1. Kids with phobias against creepy crawlers can be easier if a child remembers the size of their body compared to that of a the size of a small creepy crawler. No, we are not suggesting for you to teach junior that he should play God to all the smaller insects and bugs of the world. But what we are suggesting is that you allow a child to admire their size when it comes to a creepy crawler looking up. Humans tend to creep out creepy crawlers just by size alone. Just as they creep us out, we creep them out. If a kid knew this, it may help them deal with it better.
  2. Television and the prop shop conversation may be needed if your kid thinks that all the Trick-or-Treaters are real. Explain to a child how television shows and movies have sets with all kinds of fake scary props to use. The key is to allow the child an insight that all things are fake and make-believe when it comes to acting, in the same way Halloween is to someone that dresses up. It’s only for play, just for fun, a night to dress up and pretend.
  3. Kids Halloween phobias can stretch the imagination if one is not careful as to how they do story time. Try not to scare a kid out of Halloween by reading the most scariest book you own to them. If your kids do not enjoy stories like that, it is alright to find something on a lesser scale to read. Do not build fear trying to get kids used to it.

What else can you do to help kids deal with Halloween related phobias?

  1. Scared of the dark? Turn on a light or use a night-light.
    5. Hearing sounds all night? Turn on the lightest of music for a kid to sleep through.
    6. Nightmares? Do not eat two hours before bedtime since it encourages dreaming.
    7. Fear scary faces? Assure the kids that image isn’t everything.
  2. There are other factors that can play into a kid’s fear, such as being tired or hungry. Make sure that the kids get plenty of rest and nutritious meals, even on Halloween.
  3. If being alone scares a kid then do not leave them alone. That would scare some adults on Halloween. If you can not be there with them, have someone else stay with them. But mostly tell the child that there is nothing to be scared of and tell them to call you at any time should they need you. This helps a kid from becoming scared, to know they can call you on a drop of a dime, now that’s security.
  4. Halloween can be frightening to may kids so how do you tell your kid to not believe every ghost story out there when you are not around to stop their classmates or friends from telling ghost stories to your kid? Tell that child that no matter what others say, remember, it’s only a story in the same way that someone dresses up for Halloween is only pretending.

Happy Halloween!



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