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How to Host a Fun and Fabulous Halloween Party for Kids

Published by Celine Treso

pumpkin seeds and raisins. We will set up a large buffet style table overflowing with hefty bowls of goodies and then encourage our friends and family to fill up large plastic Ziploc bags with their own unique party mix creation that they can take home and enjoy.

Each bowl will include a descriptive place tag containing a ghoulish name like these:

M&M’s = eyeballs
Cheese popcorn = pumpkin brains
Mini marshmallows = witch’s teeth
Candy corn = pumpkin teeth
Pretzels = skeleton bones
Raisins = ghost or monster poop
Nuts = goblin or skeleton teeth
Reese’s Pieces = pumpkin poop or pumpkin teeth
Chocolate or peanut butter morsels = goblin poop
Pumpkin seeds = witch’s toe nails

If you’re really imaginative, incorporate a ghost story using the above terms to set the mood. Also, dim the lights and play some spooky tunes in the background while describing the spine chilling body parts.

Then, once your guests have perused the terrifying table of treats, have them seal up their plastic Ziploc baggies, apply a large sticky label and then name their creepy concoctions. Your Halloween party guests can use spooky wordage for their candy mixes like: monster mash, ghoulish grub, goblin guts, witches brew and much more. To assist your party goers, consider printing out a list of creative, yet scary, Halloween terms. A quick online search should do the trick!

This is also a great party idea and craft to host in a classroom setting or for a Girl Scout or Boy Scout event. You can even package up your Halloween party mix in glass mason jars and decorative baggies to give as gifts to teachers, family and friends. Be sure to include a nifty name for your homemade treats as well. And for a healthier party alternative, incorporate cholesterol and sugar free cereals, yogurt covered pretzels, walnuts, dried fruits, low cal, non-buttered popcorn and granola.

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