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How to Host a Halloween Party for Adults

Published by Gregory Rabal

Halloween Party theme for adults is the Haunted House. Even on a budget, with a little imagination, you can turn your home into a scary house suitable for any horror movie. You’ll need some basics, such as a bag of fake spider webbing, some washable (test it first!!) glow-in-the-dark spray, some plastic spiders, a latex glove, a blue, red or purple light bulb or 2, a block of dry ice, a large punch bowl, and a CD of scary sounds and music. You may also want a fog machine, a life-size plastic skeleton, black-light spray and black light fixture(s), and any other spooky thing you can imagine (hanging bats, etc). You may also want prizes to give away for costume contests.

When decorating, start with the outside first. Get a pair of men’s jeans and long-sleeved shirt and stuff them full of other clothes. Use a pair of stiff work gloves for hands, boots for feet, and a pumpkin for the head. You can slide a stick inside the lower half of each arm and glove to help them stay in place. Set it all up to look like a person sitting on a chair or bench on your porch. Use some of the spray, webbing, and spiders here, as well as some of any hanging creatures you may have purchased. It’s a good place for a fog machine (unless you will also be in the back yard).

The main room for the party should be low light, spiders, webbing and glow spray on the walls, creepy music playing. For an easy and spooky centerpiece, turn a latex glove inside out, fill it with water, tie it off with a rubber band and freeze it. Fill regular ice trays with plastic spiders/bugs frozen in them, if you like. Just before the party starts, set the punch bowl into another dish partly filled with water. Add ice hand to the punch. Just before the guests are due, add chunks of dry ice to the dish below the punch bowl for a creepy fog effect. All this turns ordinary punch into a witches’ brew complete with floating hands and spiders. If you use food coloring to turn the punch dark green or black, so much the better. Use a similar disgusting theme for all food items.

In the bathroom, use the spray and webbing generously in the bathtub and around the sink. If you purchased a plastic skeleton, lay it in the bathtub, with the webbing surrounding it. If not, you can use the dry ice trick again, by using small containers of water hidden by the webbing. If you have a black light and didn’t use it elsewhere, the bathroom is a great place. Use red paint to write a scary message on the mirror or leave a couple of plastic fingers in the sink.

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