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How to Host a Halloween Party for Dogs

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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A Howlingly Fun Halloween Pooch Party

A fun way to keep the neighborhood dogs from chasing trick-or-treaters this year is to host a Halloween party for dogs. Invite all your neighbors and their furry friends. Not only is it a great way to connect with your neighbors but could be a blast to boot! Here are some simple ideas to make your pooch party a success:

Make it a Masquerade Ball

Trust me you’ll have just as much fun dressing up Rover as you will costuming your kids. Not to mention all the childless couples who miss out every year finally get a shot at it. Prizes such as leashes, chew toys, and large cans of dog food can be awarded for most original, scariest, and funniest. Purchase ribbons for the winners at the local dollar store . By the way, If you have an English Bulldog you can bet you’ll be a shoe-in for the funniest category.

Door Prize

Offering a nice door prize will entice partcipation and add to the festivities. I suggest a full service grooming gift certificate. Those always come in handy, especially around Halloween when the chances of having gum and gummy bears stuck to the ol’ fur are quadrupled. The door prize contest could be done in the form of a cake walk with the dogs stopping on numbered cat markers. You could also give the owners numbers at the door and later pull a numbered dog bone from the hat.

Cat Box Cake

I have heard stories for years about this cake but never could imagine ever serving it. Ever. But I must say, a doggie Halloween party would be the occasion. Basically it’s a cake that is made to look like a litter box. It is served in an actual (new of course) litter box and served with an actual (new) pooper scooper. Some of the ingredients are Tootsie Rolls and yellow sandwich cookies. The recipe can be easily found on the internet so I won’t elaborate. Make plenty, we all know how dogs love litter box goodies…

Bobbing for Meatballs

Fill a second (new also) litter box with water and add some frozen premade meatballs. Show the dog a meatball and toss it in. Don’t put too much stock in this one though. Smart dogs probably won’t participate so once again the bulldog is a shoe-in.

After Party Parade

After trick-or-treat is over it’s parade time! Strut the entourage of pooches down the street and back. You’ll need 3 wagons- costume contest winners get to ride in their own wagon-and a boombox to blare out “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Plan on throwing candy and beads (and milk bones) Mardi-Gras style. If the police get called, blame it on the beagle.



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