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How to Host a Halloween Party for Older Children

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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As soon as the remaining red, white, and blue Fourth of July decorations are boxed up and put away, the stores begin making room for Halloween items. By late August and early September, the sun lotions, flip-flops, sand toys, and beach towels are replaced with wigs, skeletons, candy, and costumes. Halloween has become one of the largest marketed celebrations.

Halloween parties are no exception. In exception to New Year’s and birthdays, Halloween is one of the most well known partying occasions. Children and adults alike enjoy taking part in Halloween costume parties.

However, hosting a Halloween party can also be one of the more difficult parties to plan for having. The host must take into consideration many factors before having a Halloween party. First, what age group are you targeting? Is this a child party or an adult party? Will your theme be fun or scary? Will your guests wear costumes?

Planning party for older children is usually a good idea. Many young teens feel that they are too old for trick-or-treating. A Halloween party may be just the thing that they need to keep them out of trouble on Halloween night. Parties for this age group should be held on the day of or as close to Halloween as possible.

While older children are all about fun, they usually enjoy a little scare too. Plan on catering your party with all of the gross and gruesome treats available. Search for all of the best eyeball and brain snack recipes out there. Plan on having some dimmed lighting with colored or strobe lights added. Be sure to play lots of eerie sounds and music. While dangerous or frightening actions should be avoided, young teens enjoy walking into a party where the environment’s mood keeps them a little on edge.

Most Halloween parties for this age are preferred when costumes are optional. Many young teens feel awkward or unease about dressing up in front of their peers, especially one of the opposite sex.

Because boyfriends and girlfriends are popular at this age, try to also add so time for dancing. This also means add some chaperones! With the lights dimmed, more adult eyes may be needed. Try keeping your distance but also keeping aware of what is going on.

With the right planning a Halloween party can be tailored to be great and safe fun for children and adults of all ages.



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