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How to Host a Halloween Party for Young Children

Published by Sterling Thesing

Halloween party should be carefully planned depending upon the host’s age. Depending on age, people have very different ideas of Halloween fun. What a five year old child considers to be good Halloween excitement, a thirteen year old likely would not agree with as being fun. Differences can be seen even more as children grow older. Before going out and buying all types of Halloween items, consider to what age group your party will be directed. What type of mood do you wish to set with your party?

When planning a Halloween party for young children, the theme should be fun and light hearted. Children at this age are not into scares or scary sights. Their idea of Halloween focuses around dressing up and candy. Therefore decorations should be limited to items such as cobwebs, spiders, bats, broomsticks, jack-o-lanterns, and friendly skeletons. Refrain from having bloody or gory items. The music should be upbeat and not eerie.

Activities should be fun. Games such as bobbing for apples and candy grabs should be planned. The children should participate in best Halloween costume or jack-o-lantern carving contests. The lights should be kept on and parents should be invited to attend. Make sure that you are prepared with lots of treats. Add items such as spider rings and Halloween goodies to the festivities.

A Halloween party for young children should be planned around trick-or-treating. Most young children still enjoy the door to door treating that comes with Halloween. Either plan your party a couple of days before Halloween or arrange for the children to trick-or-treat and then meet back at your house for the party to begin. If the party will not be on Halloween day, I always such planning it before Halloween day. After Halloween has pasted, the excitement has usually dwindled down and the children will not be as excited about the party.

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